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Pregnant Bridesmaids: 5 Things to Consider Before you Say Yes to Bride!


It is a truth universally acknowledged that every bride-to-be shall be in want of a good bridesmaid…or

three. And chances are that when a friend comes to you basking in that newly engaged glow and asks

you to be one those bridesmaids, you’ll jump at the chance to support her on her big day: The

dancing! The shoes! The dresses! The CAKE!

Before you can say “yellow organza chiffon,” you’ve committed to being a bridesmaid and all that the honor entails. But what

if you are expecting to have a big (and getting bigger) event of your own sometime in the next nine


If you’re planning on both a pregnancy and being a bridesmaid in the near future, here are some of the

bumps (pun totally intended) in the road to consider before officially saying yes. 

1.The Cost

While the costs associated with being a bridesmaid can vary from wedding to wedding, one

thing is certain: a baby on the way means unexpected expenses will be particularly unwelcome. After

all, your priorities are changing, and whether it’s saving for diapers or a college fund, you want to make

sure being a bridesmaid won’t mean being expected to pony up for expenses you soon won’t be able to


Accordingly, it’s important to clarify just what kinds of expenses will be expected of you ahead of time. A

few to inquire after:

1. Will you be responsible for your dress, or will the bride pick up the tab? The same goes for

those dyed shoes and your fabulous wedding day up-do and manicure.

2. If travel is involved, how costly will that be? Airfare, cab fare, hotel and eating out should all be


3. How much (if any) will you be expected to contribute to a shower or bachelorette activities? 

2. The Dress


Since bridesmaids dresses are known for being so lovely and flattering, finding a dress that will work while you

are pregnant should be no problem at all! Um, yeah…

Back on planet earth, bridesmaids dresses can be itchy, lumpy, scratchy, and pinchy (yes, you know

pinchy is a word). But this is not to say that you cannot totally rock the pregnant bridesmaid look as

long as you keep a few things in mind.

1. Comfort and Fit: Ultimately, you want a dress that flatters your figure and that you’ll feel

great wearing. Look for a flowing empire-waisted gown, or a dress that can be ‘enhanced’ with

an extra panel to accommodate that lovely baby bump of yours!

2. Alterations: Make sure you’ve got a good tailor who will be able to make last minute

alterations a little bit in advance of the wedding date. As you know, all of those measurements

are going to change. And then change some more.

3. Support: Speaking of those changing measurements, the right maternity bra can do wonders for a girl’s mood at a wedding, not to

mention her back! Once you reach your third trimester, you will likely need to trade in those

lacy bras and reach for something more substantial. Just don’t forget to make sure that your

maternity bra works with your dress as the date nears. 

3. Your Due Date


Let’s put this right out there: Going into labor at your friend’s wedding is not ideal. If your due

date falls very close to the wedding date (or even within a month), you should feel free to humbly

decline being in the wedding. Consulting with your doctor is also a good idea, as he or she will have

likely dealt with this issue in the past and can make an individualized recommendation.

However, if your due date is farther afield from the wedding date, then the most important factor

to consider is likely to be travel. While most airlines will allow pregnant women to travel through their eighth

month, you need to consider what your own personal comfort level will be.

Tips for safe air travel while pregnant include walking the aisles on your flight to prevent blood clots,

drinking lots of water, and wearing your seatbelt under your belly rather than across it. Travelling

during pregnancy can be challenging, but if you and your doctor think you are up for it, then you’re a go.

Just one thing though: You know those teeny tiny airplane bathrooms? Need we say more?  

4. The Time Commitment


She’s the friend who consoled you that time you broke up with that jerk during freshman year…and

then consoled you again when you broke up with that other jerk that next year. She’s been with

you through thick and thin and late night pizza runs. So of course you want to be the absolute best

bridesmaid possible.

But take a moment to consider what that might mean: stuffing invitations, licking stamps, shopping for

wedding favors, liking her Facebook posts, and talking. Lots and lots of talking. You owe it to yourself

and to your friend to think realistically about what you can handle during your pregnancy. No friend

wants you to overtax yourself while you should be focusing on your health and the health of your baby.

Let her know your concerns and ask in the gentlest way possible what will be expected of you so that

you can both make an educated decision. 

5. The Friendship Style


Before you say yes, think about the type of friendship/relationship that you have with the bride. Is it

filled with drama or is it mostly peaceful? Communication will be key to making this situation work.

She needs to understand that there will be times during this pregnancy that you will be tired,

anxious, or painting adorable ducks on a nursery wall, and therefore will be unable to check out her

Pinterest board right this moment.

And you will have to understand that this is one of the most exciting times in her life, and that

she will need your support throughout, even if your feet are swollen and throbbing, and the ducks need

painting. If you two have that covered, the rest of the stuff will be a breeze.

Final Thoughts

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is an honor, for sure, and it’s no wonder you might be tempted to fill

such a position for a friend you care about so dearly. But true friendship means knowing your limitations

— something your friend should likewise honor and respect. And don’t worry: if you can’t participate

as a bridesmaid, there are plenty of other ways to show your friend you care throughout this process.

So, consider your next steps carefully and you’re sure to make the decision that will best balance your

friendship and your own needs. And by the way, congratulations! 
Alyssa Ennis

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Mommy Makeovers: The Poor Woman’s Guide to Safe Plastic Surgery

Recently, stories about women jetting off to South and Central American countries to get low cost plastic surgeries and “mommy makeovers” have circulated widely. Budget conscious women looking to nip and tuck, some after having a baby, are looking for as many alternatives out there and taking risks traveling to nations that do not have the same safety regulations we have here in the US.  Not all women recover and many come back to the US and develop a host of post-operation complications. 
Top leading plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory H. Croll offers some other alternatives:
It’s no longer necessary to empty out your life savings to

get the plastic surgery of your dreams. There are many surgeries that you can

get that won’t break the bank. One option many people do when they don’t have a

lot of money for plastic surgery is to travel out of the country or to

somewhere else where plastic surgeries are a bit cheaper. While many people do

decide to do this it can be somewhat risky and can end up costing you a lot in

travel fees, as well. Plus it is always nice to just recuperate after a surgery

in the comfort of your own home, rather a foreign country.
If you just can’t

resist, though…
If you do decide that going out of the county is the route

you want to take, the best countries to do so are South Korea, or Greece and

Italy if you don’t want to go quite as far. The United States is the fourth best

country for plastic surgery, so if you aren’t going to one of the other three,

the US is the best bet for getting the best quality procedure for your dollar.

South Korea is the best place for plastic surgery because of the number of

skilled plastic surgeons that charge reasonable prices. Plastic surgeries are

also quite popular in South Korea, with the most popular surgery being double eyelid

surgery for people who want more Western-looking eyes. If you’re unable to

travel, or would rather get a plastic surgery at home in the US, there are

other options for cheap plastic surgeries.
Don’t Forget to Ask

for Discounts
Another thing you should try if you are getting a plastic

surgery is to ask your surgeon if there are any discounts. Many physicians in

the field are offering specials and price negotiation for popular procedures. The

most popular time to get plastic surgery is during the school year, when

parents can send kids to school, so if you can plan to get your surgery done

during the summer there are much better chances of getting a discount. Most

people don’t want to have to recover during the summer, but if you aren’t

worried about that you can save a lot of money by getting your surgery done

Consolidate Surgeries

If you want to get more than one surgery done, you can also

save money by getting them done simultaneously. This not only saves you and the

surgeon money, but it can really work better for you as well. That way if you

have to ask off work for recuperating time, you are recuperating from both

surgeries instead of having to ask off for days for two separate surgeries. It

can also save money and time for both you and the surgeon because you only have

to go under the knife once.
Surgery Payment Plans

May Be Available
Sometimes you might make enough money for the surgery, not

have it right at the time that you need it. In this case, many surgeons offer

surgery payment plans, so you don’t have to pay a surgery off right away. Try

other options for reducing price first, though, because this option can easily

get you into debt if you’re not careful and then you have a whole other set of

Don’t Let Cheap

Interfere with Quality
These are just a few ways you might be able to save on

plastic surgery. But always remember that you want to make sure you are getting

a quality surgery. Ask around and make sure you know all the details about your

surgery before you get one. Especially if the procedure is abnormally

underpriced, you might want to listen to your gut if you are getting a bad

feeling about a plastic surgeon, because plastic surgeries aren’t easily

reversed. It will cost a lot of money to fix a botched surgery, which will

completely erase any savings you might have gotten original. Always listen to

your instinct and make sure you are talking to a certified surgeon. You can

find that out on this


Dr. Gregory H. Croll is one of the top plastic surgeons

Columbia MO
has to offer. He performs

procedures including breast, facial, body and hand procedures.

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Trend Alert: Pretty Pastels for under $40!

Spring is here and although the weather isn’t necessarily cooperating in all parts of the country, it’s still peak time to start pulling together your looks for the new season. We’re here to inspire your warmer weather wardrobe. Whether  you are trying to conceive, in your early months of pregnancy, third trimester or a new mom, there are various ways you can mix it up and freshen up your wardrobe with the hottest new trends for the season: Pastels! 
Go with soft belts above the waistline, empire style or light scarves made of lightweight materials. Update your dark colored nail polish you wore all winter with a pastel blue or yellow. Slip on some baby blue ballet slippers. Don a light orange cuff on your wrist. Grab your pastel purple twin set to wear to the office. Get in the spirit of the new season by switching up the old with the new. Here are some more finds and ideas all for under $40! Good luck shopping and remixing your wardrobe!

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Rory Beca’s versatile design is perfect for stylish moministas

Abbey from District Dress Up
After having a baby, it takes a little bit of time for the tummy and body to regain its pre-baby shape. We discovered a brand of colorful, cute and timeless looking clothing with bold patterns and made of comfortable material that would make it relatively easy to feel stylish and confident. Buy a size up in one of Rory Beca‘s impeccably designed pieces, and you’re good to go. 
This line is a fave among younger set, but given how much give many of the pieces have in the draping in the middle, it can can also be great for a first trimester mom-to-be who is trying to conceal a growing bump.
It’s that versatile. We love it. Here are a few of our favorite pieces:

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5 Steps to a Fresh, Updated and Chic Maternity Wardrobe

Pregnant women often face challenges in dressing their bump.  Some also have difficulty mixing up their

maternity basics so they are trendy or at least look like their putting in some

effort to not look frumpy.
Fortunately, the maternity wear fashion industry has come a

long way from just a few years ago when there weren’t that many fashionable

options available for moms-to-be.  These

days, many maternity-only wear designers exist and traditional women’s wear

designers and lines are expanding  to

accommodate “the preginistas” among us, and offering their looks in maternity

as well.
It’s not wise, especially if you are on a budget, to splurge

on an expansive maternity wear budget for 9 months. Most pregnant women will

only be pregnant for 3 seasons and it can get easy. There is a simple and less

costly alternative to going overboard and getting carried away.
 Here are 5 steps to keeping

your maternity wardrobe fresh, updated and chic:
Step 1: Start with a basic maternity wardrobe, which usually

should consist of: a. A white collared maternity shirt; b. A pair of yoga

pants; 3. A pair of maternity leggings; 4. A Belted cardigan; 5. Maternity Ts

in long and short sleeves variety and in an assortment of basic solid basic

colors (red, pink, black, blue, pink, yellow); A Black wrap dress (in a variety

of styles); and a pair of comfortable boots, Maryjanes  pumps, or low-heeled platforms ( in a half

size larger to accommodate any growth in shoe size due to swelling or bloat.)
Step 2: Add spunk by accessorizing the basic palette with

playful scarves in bright colors and with geometric patterns and shapes.  Scarves can brighten up your look and mood.
Step 3:  Get trendy by

wearing big chunky rings or statement necklaces to add some wow factor to the

look. Use a corded belt to tie loosely below the breastbone to create and easy

and carefree Empire waist look.  Don

bangles or other ornamental bracelets. Go bold with hoops or super long

double-strand pearls to accentuate the look.
 Wear some cool

aviators, Jackie-O or other fun shades in tortoise shells or another funky

color or design. Or if you are bold, go with a fedora, a newsboy cap, a floppy

hat or a Bohemian knitted cap.
Step 4: Carry a whimsical, structured or colorful tote or

shopper’s style bag that is big enough to hold all your stuff and is useful

when you don’t feel comfortable experimenting in color, patterns and designs. A

monogram clutch or a handbag with brass handles or zippers would work to take a

work look, after -5 or for date-night.
Step 5:  Do the Maryjanes

or comfortable pumps for work, but after five slip on some care-free gladiators

sandals, strappy -low heels with ankle wraps or colorful wedges or espadrilles

in warmer months or climates. In colder temps, go with booties, UGGs like or

wedged boots.
These style tips should last the entire 9 months and help you look fresh, updated and dazzling for the entire 40 weeks. 

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MamaGama is Fun. Gritty. Controversial. Edgy. Organic Maternity

Bucking the trend! That’s the theme behind the edgy clothes that Hong Kong-based Mamagama makes which includes graphic tees with edgy imagery meant to shock and be conversation pieces. Romanian creative designer Raluca Stroe runs the small maternity shop that designs and produces the quirky tees and hip pregnancy clothes that ship worldwide. 

But by scrolling through  the website, it appears as if the shop has a hard time keeping  in stock some of its most popular tees, which are made out of organic bamboo.

Check out all it has to offer including some that may be considered controversial. Oh my! Clutch the pearls!


Love them!!

 But Let’s keep this one from impressionable teens though, mmm kay!? Ha!


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Ten hot Isabella Oliver Maternity Pieces to Buy NOW

Spring is around the corner but the temperatures are still chilly. If you are still building out your maternity wardrobe this pregnancy, Bellyitch Blog invites you to consider making a purchase from our partner and affiliate, Isabella Oliver which is having a 15% off sale going on now thru March 14 for Bellyitch Blog readers! Enter code SAVE125 at checkout and enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $89. 
Here are 10 of some of our favorite pieces from the British designer label that has been seen on many of the UK and US’s hottest celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Ivanka Trump, Myleene Klass, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Laila Ali, Ali Larter, Tia Mowry and more. 
Take a look! Happy Shopping!

Isabella Oliver Pianna Maternity Shirt Dress

New this season, the Pianna Shirt Dress is a modern classic for easy yet smart springtime styling. Complete with collar and rolled-up sleeves that have a chic button tab detail, it has all the appeal of a structured shirt while remaining feminine thanks to its empire waist and belt ties. The dress is designed in an unlined viscose for optimum comfort. Team with trainers for an off duty vibe or add ballet flats for an easy yet stylish workwear option.

Isabella Oliver Scala Maternity Stripe Dress
Such a great style for spring, the Scala Stripe Dress offers your wardrobe a fresh look with all the benefits of its knee skimming length, and long sleeves. In our iconic soft signature jersey, its washing and wearability is of the very highest standard. Boasting ruched detailing throughout the silhouette for stretch and design interest, it’s a perfect piece for elegant off-duty styling. Looks great teamed with loafers or trainers. 

Isabella Oliver Eva Knit Waistcoat
Easy, stylish and so versatile, this sleeveless knit is destined to become a wardrobe essential. With its relaxed fit and draped front, it looks effortless thrown over a maternity T-shirt or tank. This piece has a self-tie belt and has been designed in a merino wool blend for a luxuriously soft feel. This style works particularly well during pregnancy, nursing and post pregnancy.

Isabella Oliver Seville Tunic Maternity Dress 

New this season the Seville Tunic in the exotic palette of Bali Blue and Citrus is a gorgeous everyday style with a bright new season feel. Designed in thicker Ponte jersey for a more tailored look, it boasts an exposed zip running from its neckline to an empire waist with pleats falling simply over the bump. Sitting just above the elbow, the sleeves are a lovely summer length. Team with ballet flats, a satchel and a great pair of sunglasses for effortless city dressing.

Isabella Oliver Carla Maternity Dress
As a mid-length style designed in our silky luxe jersey, the Carla Dress offers the best in occasionwear styling with the appeal of everyday wearability. Benefitting from a self-lined back to help hide lingerie lines, it features a cross over front detail at the bust and a twisted knot allowing the fabric to fall over the bump. A great piece for day-to-night styling, wear with pumps and a blazer.

Isabella Oliver Allegra Maternity Dress 
The  flattering Allegra Dress is unlined and airy which makes it perfect for summer parties. Featuring a collar band to which the jersey is gathered and a button closure at the centre back, the dress then fastens with an obi belt above the bump. The belt is a removable feature so styling is up to you creating optimum versatility. Team with flat strappy sandals and sunglasses for an effortless elegance. 

Isabella Oliver Ruched One Shoulder Maternity Dress 

Wow! This Ruched One-Shoulder Dress is such a stunning piece, you’re guaranteed to make a style splash. Offering the ultimate in asymmetric elegance, it combines our signature ruche detail with a sexy one shoulder that’s perfect for special occasions and parties. This season, choose from classic Black Caviar and Dahlia Pink. Team with a killer heel and a beautiful clutch and make that entrance.

Isabella Oliver Serafina Maternity Dress

Every pregnancy wardrobe needs a simple go-anywhere dress and our Serafina Dress with its soft v neck dress, beautiful empire waist and closure that ties at the side seams is just that. A flattering style for any stage of your pregnancy, choose from Dark Grey Melange and Iris Blue. Team with a simple court shoe for a clean and minimal look.

Isabella Oliver Maternity Pencil Skirt

Our Classic Maternity Pencil Skirt in thick Ponte jersey has a deep waistband for optimum comfort. Finishing just below the knee it follows your curves beautifully while allowing for ease of movement. Wear with our crisp white maternity shirt for a polished look or choose one of our tees for a less formal appeal.

 Oliver Sophie Zip Coat

The only coat you’ll need this season, the Sophie Zip Coat offers minimal styling and an oversize fold-down zip collar

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4 YouTube Maternity Fashion Videos to inspire your Style

Sydney – The Day Book Blog
Looking for some inspiration on how to dress your bump? YouTube offers wonderful short tutorials and fashion look book, styling tips and more. Here are four videos curated just for you to inspire you this Winter. Happy Styling !
First up, Keisha J from Glam Everything styled one cardigan four ways and shows you how to remix one piece for maximum usage
Cardigan Empire shows how to dress your bump without buying maternity clothes.
This Not Maternity, but the very fashionable The Chic Naturale has THE best video look books and tutorials and in this one, she showcases hot winter 2014 trends, some of which are accessories and can actually be worn by a pregnant woman.
Finally, Cardigan Empire shares some top  maternity brands to explore:

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