5 Steps to a Fresh, Updated and Chic Maternity Wardrobe

Pregnant women often face challenges in dressing their bump.  Some also have difficulty mixing up their

maternity basics so they are trendy or at least look like their putting in some

effort to not look frumpy.
Fortunately, the maternity wear fashion industry has come a

long way from just a few years ago when there weren’t that many fashionable

options available for moms-to-be.  These

days, many maternity-only wear designers exist and traditional women’s wear

designers and lines are expanding  to

accommodate “the preginistas” among us, and offering their looks in maternity

as well.
It’s not wise, especially if you are on a budget, to splurge

on an expansive maternity wear budget for 9 months. Most pregnant women will

only be pregnant for 3 seasons and it can get easy. There is a simple and less

costly alternative to going overboard and getting carried away.
 Here are 5 steps to keeping

your maternity wardrobe fresh, updated and chic:
Step 1: Start with a basic maternity wardrobe, which usually

should consist of: a. A white collared maternity shirt; b. A pair of yoga

pants; 3. A pair of maternity leggings; 4. A Belted cardigan; 5. Maternity Ts

in long and short sleeves variety and in an assortment of basic solid basic

colors (red, pink, black, blue, pink, yellow); A Black wrap dress (in a variety

of styles); and a pair of comfortable boots, Maryjanes  pumps, or low-heeled platforms ( in a half

size larger to accommodate any growth in shoe size due to swelling or bloat.)
Step 2: Add spunk by accessorizing the basic palette with

playful scarves in bright colors and with geometric patterns and shapes.  Scarves can brighten up your look and mood.
Step 3:  Get trendy by

wearing big chunky rings or statement necklaces to add some wow factor to the

look. Use a corded belt to tie loosely below the breastbone to create and easy

and carefree Empire waist look.  Don

bangles or other ornamental bracelets. Go bold with hoops or super long

double-strand pearls to accentuate the look.
 Wear some cool

aviators, Jackie-O or other fun shades in tortoise shells or another funky

color or design. Or if you are bold, go with a fedora, a newsboy cap, a floppy

hat or a Bohemian knitted cap.
Step 4: Carry a whimsical, structured or colorful tote or

shopper’s style bag that is big enough to hold all your stuff and is useful

when you don’t feel comfortable experimenting in color, patterns and designs. A

monogram clutch or a handbag with brass handles or zippers would work to take a

work look, after -5 or for date-night.
Step 5:  Do the Maryjanes

or comfortable pumps for work, but after five slip on some care-free gladiators

sandals, strappy -low heels with ankle wraps or colorful wedges or espadrilles

in warmer months or climates. In colder temps, go with booties, UGGs like or

wedged boots.
These style tips should last the entire 9 months and help you look fresh, updated and dazzling for the entire 40 weeks. 

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