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Angela Simons and Rasheeda Are My Fashion Spirit Animals (GET THEIR LOOKS)

I’ve decided that Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums Growing Up Hip Hop‘s Angela Simmons and Love and Hip Hop:New York‘s  Rasheeda are my fashion spirit animals.

Maybe it’s the fact that I think Simmons and I have similar body shape and height as hers and I love how she experiments with color and embraces blazers, colorful pumps but still rocks her army green and black all day. She does figure hugging body con and sporty Athletic Baseball dresses well.

With Rasheeda, she’s that edgy wild child that I am in my mind. No one can rock a lace up gladiator boot like this mama! She’s also queen of the distressed denims and funky and edgy rocker tee worn under a cute camo jacket or stone or acid washed coat jacket.

They’re definitely fashionable moms after my own heart and they are also hustlers. Each sell clothing, do club appearances and star on reality TV shows and got their hustle game on! Love!

Shop their looks:

5 Timeless Wardrobe Essentials (Regular & Maternity)


There are certain articles of clothing and items that are timeless and never go out of style. These wardrobe elements outlast trends and are essential for every woman to own. They can be dressed up or down and mixed or matched with trendy pieces.

Some of these items are included in my ebook, How to Look Like Old Money (Amazon Kindle $5.99) If you haven’t downloaded my ebook, I’m going to run down the five must-have and three must-have accessories, I’ve listed them below along with the maternity alternative version for moms-to-be who are also building out their wardrobes until baby comes.

They include the shirt dress, the nude pump, the black blazer, the white button down shirt and the little black dress. All are always on trend. I would add the ballet flat, the trench coat, chinos (cropped or full leg). The black boots, canvas sneakers and denim jeans are also wardrobe essentials.

1. The Shirtdress


2. The Blazer

3. The Nude Pump

4. The White Collared Polo Shirt

5. The LBD (Little Black Dress)

And now the three accessories: 

 The Tote


The Leopard Print Scarf

I also love Mode’s curated list of wardrobe essentials:

Check out The Momiform: Closet Essentials for the Modern Mama

by Tend Editor at Mode

Adding Color to My Wardrobe: 7 Things I’m Loving this Summer

summer loving
I was cleaning out my closet for the summer and realized that I have entirely too much black clothing. Seriously. It is my go-to and I love black because it is slimming, forgiving, goes with everything and I look great it in it. Black is the new Black, is my motto. However, I do realize that for warmer summer months, I really should explore more options.
Here is a snapshot of my closet right now. Ugh. Yeah. Too much black.
So, I started web window surfing and immediately bumped into some colorful accessories! What a great way to ease into wearing more color. Prada sells this tiny  Saffiano Lux Double Zip Tote which is bright and structured and playful. I love boxy bags and this is a great in-between. Love. It’s way pricey so I had to se my sights lower.
I love love statement jewelry and statement rings in  particular.  And then Jay King Lemon-Lime and Blue Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring‘s popped in my feed one day and I was all ooooh and aaaaah. I could totally rock that and at $50, it is a total conversation piece. Lemon and Turquoise is a great color combo. Unexpected but fab. Swoon.
A great way to add color through accents are shades and I am loving Juicy Couture’s Script Aviator  shades also I think I am way too own to wear those trendy crowns, a leftover trend from coachella, I still love seeing them on other people. For $7, you can get Bohemian Romance Flower Crown from Urban Outfitters. 
bohemian romance
If you’re creative, you can make your own.  I do not wear much red but if I were to go bold, I’d totally pick up Donna Karan’s New York Double Layer Tube Skirt. It is a pencil skirt and I think pencil skirts are great for looking sophisticated and svelte. They’re a really hot skirt style.
Here are 7 things I’m loving as I sojourn to add color to my wardrobe. And I couldn’t resist but add a black wedge shoe in there! But espadrilles are on trend and great for Summer. Jo Espadrille Wedge Sandal With Rhodium is so rock and roll with those buckles.

Prada Small Saffiano Lux Double Zip Tote • Prada • $1,395

Missoni Striped Long Sleeve Cardigan • Missoni • $85

Donna Karan New York Double Layer Tube Skirt • Donna Karan • $238.50

Jay King Lemon-Lime and Blue Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring • $49.90

Jo Espadrille Wedge Sandal With Rhodium • Alexander Wang • $248

Juicy Script Aviator • Juicy Couture • $98

Bohemian Romance Flower Crown • $18


Victoria Beckham Wins the Contest of Celeb Who Wears Her Own Line Most/Best

victoria beckham

If there was an award for the celebrity designer who does the best job at wearing and promoting her own line it would go to Victoria Beckham. There isn’t a black and/or white combo the former Spice Girl doesn’t like and whenever she’s spotted out and about, whether by the paparazzi, on a red carpet or doing a press appearance, she is wearing clothing from her high end label.

There is a reason she was named one (and the first) of Bellyitch’s Fashion Mom Icon.

Mrs. David Beckham‘s stuff is classic, chic and basic. They have clean lines and because there is so much black, the clothing can complement well with other pieces and flatter women of different shapes and sizes.

vb jumpusuit

The price points, though steep for most people’s common budgets, still vary.  For example, one can nab this cotton blend jumpsuit from her line which is down and half off from $1,600 to $650.   It has a slim but boxy fit and could be rocked with patent pumps or sandals.

vb dress

On the other end of the spectrum is this $3,995 strapless Corset flare wool dress which comes with a diamond broach.  It looks fabulous and the A-line is wonderful for accenting a nice neckline while de-emphasizing the hips.

vb sripes

In the middle of that price range is this $1,500 striped knitted top from Beckham. Cute but wow!  I think right now, is second with her new line named after her grandparents,

Fall Look Book: 3 Maternity Inspiration Looks

fall maternity
It’s fall! That means boots, outerwear, jackets, scarves and hats as the temperature starts to drop in many parts of the country. We channeled some of the fab looks from one of our favorite fashion vloggers, The Chic Natural, and curated maternity versions for busy moms-to-be who are in search of style inspiration for the new season.




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Fall Fashion: 25 Ways to Tie a Scarf (VIDEO)


The temperature is dropping in many parts of the US which means it’s scarf season again!  I had on two this morning as I headed out to a dentist appointment. Brrrr!
Scarves are the perfect functional piece of your wardrobe because they  keep you warm and they can add a pop of color if you are doing the monochromatic black look to mimic a slimming effect if you are preggers and your hips are spreading faster than your nose. ha!
I also love scarves because you can always get one in a trending color, material or fabric and use them to stay current and in style, if you’re into being hipwhileknocked up. (smile)


So once again, if you haven’t already seen fashion blogger Wendy from Wendy’s Lookboook’s super viral video, “25 Ways to Tie a scarf” that has gotten 25 million views and counting, here it is:

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Our Pick of the Best Spring/Summer Maternity Looks from Fashion Bloggers

Bellyitch Rewind

fashion collage

With the warmer weather of Spring & Summer comes more opportunities to be out and about outside more. Moms-to-be can also use the change in temperature to also do more with their wardrobe.  They can experiment with more color, skirts, maxi dresses, sundresses and tops.

To help inspire your new seasonal look, here  are our picks of some of the freshest, most stylish, chic and fab looks we spotted on Fashion IGers, Bloggers and Pinterest in recent years. Which is your favorite? Tell us below!

My Corner View




Cara Loren



Little Blonde Book



A Spoonful of Style

The Day Book



Glamour-Pink Peonies


Refinery 29



How to pull off Spring/Summer Trends for Preginistas

spring summer trends

Spring and warmer weather give fashion-conscious trendy women the opportunity to sport the latest  Spring and Summer Fashion Trends!

If you are type of the girl who loves to keep up with the latest seasonal trends, but are also pregnant, I got bad news. Most of the trends this season are difficult to interpret into maternity unless you’re in your first trimester. There are seasons when I cannot stand any of the trending items but this year I’m really loving the opportunity to experiment with geometrics and 70s-inspired clothing.  For my pregnant ladies, I usually recommend incorporating the trends through accessories, scarves, and jewelry.

I gave it a try and selected a few pieces I think maybe could be incorporated with each trend, as assembled by WeWomen.com.  My picks could give you some ideas of how you can pull them off. Enjoy! and Good Luck, preginistas!







warm tones

















gentle geometrics










Get Inspired by Beyonce’s Bold Statement Jewelry

bey bracelets

I love statement jewelry and my muse is our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Beyonce Knowles Carter.

Each outfit she wears is accented perfectly with just the right ring, bracelet, earcuff, bracelet, necklace or body jewelry to complete her look. I was most impressed with the exquisite unique pieces Blue Ivy‘s mom wore in the videos to her 2013 self-titled album.

bey rings
My fave was the Black Lynn Ban PVD Armor Ring that she wore as knuckle rings in the “Superpower” music video! They retail at $420 each so you’d be set back  over $3,000 to replicate the precise look on your hands. She also wore 16 of the designer’s  Pave Coil midi rings in the “Haunted” video. They are embedded with white diamonds and black diamonds which retail at about $3500 each   I think that vid helped bolster the midi ring craze that following Spring.

You can get a similar style for under $20 from Free People or Ily Couture. And you can find the bold statement rings she wore in the “Telephone” jewelry at mid price range from other jewelers.


Another coveted set of jewelry are the Edie Borgo wrist cuffs and ear cuffs Bey rocked in the “Jealous” video.

That was one of my fave tunes from that visual album. Can you tell I recently discovered that the videos were released to the public last November? This past weekend, I relived my enjoyment watching  them all again on a larger screen. I  first purchased the album back when it first came out and had to view the videos on my iPhone.

The other great thing I discovered was that the Edie Borgo pieces from that video all are in a mid-range price point under $150 so they’re totally affordable!

bey color

And when Bey‘s not killing the game in her edgier looks, Mrs. Carter steals the spotlight in her bright and vibrant pieces, like these colorful Aztec art necklaces paired with that fab Mayan-inspired ring in that photo on the right.

I was totally crushing on those eye-catching accessories and adornments.  

bey necklace

Revisiting that album last weekend also reminded me of how much I really dug the complete layered jewels look in the “XO” video too. I curated and assembed some inspiration pieces from our partners at ShopStyle for you to consider getting or using as a guide for the next time you’re out jewelry shopping.

If you want to nab some of  these glam pieces of jewelry, you can be creative and check out arts and music festivals this Summer.  Those events that have vendors who are at-home jewelry makers. They typically sell interesting and one-of-a-kind selections, and usually you can find big bold selections as well.

Happy shopping fellow jewelry lovers!



Our eBook ‘How To Look Like Old Money’ is NOW available for DOWNLOAD!

Hey Friends! 
I’m so excited to announce that my latest eBook, “How to Look Like ‘Old Money'” is complete and on digital shelves NOW! 
This is the eBook version of a popular blog post I wrote years ago that I’ve seen other authors, websites and bloggers borrow and use as an inspiration for their own version and literary projects on the topic.
I know the title may sound a bit superficial and shallow. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But trust me, if it’s not for you, it is for someone you know and others out there. I know because I’ve studied the analytics of the number of search queries for this insight and it’s up there! 
So I aim to give the people what they want in an easy to digest, visually stimulating format.
It’s that quick little guide for that gal or guy who aspires to give off the appearance of being from the upper echelon, blue-blood class without breaking the bank! It’s the ultimate how-to for that snob or bourgeoisie wanna-be! Alternatively, if your interest is piqued by the topic, this book offers you that insight to quench your curiosity. 
And at $5.99, that’s a steal! It’s less than the cost of a venti latte and a scone at Starbucks and you’ll be edified for life! You can even weave it in social conversations later, maybe. 
How do you like my pitch?! (smile)
This is my 4th ebook in a series of about 12 fashion and business blogging ebooks I’ll be publishing over the next few weeks. This time, rather than publish on the lesser-known platform Gumroad or the business presentation platform Slideshare, I’m offering the last series on Kindle! 
They will be available on iBooks and Google Books in coming days too!
Woot! Woot!

Download “How to Look Like Old Money” for just $5.99 on Amazon.com TODAY!

Here is a Sneak Peek!


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