Adding Color to My Wardrobe: 7 Things I’m Loving this Summer

summer loving
I was cleaning out my closet for the summer and realized that I have entirely too much black clothing. Seriously. It is my go-to and I love black because it is slimming, forgiving, goes with everything and I look great it in it. Black is the new Black, is my motto. However, I do realize that for warmer summer months, I really should explore more options.
Here is a snapshot of my closet right now. Ugh. Yeah. Too much black.
So, I started web window surfing and immediately bumped into some colorful accessories! What a great way to ease into wearing more color. Prada sells this tiny  Saffiano Lux Double Zip Tote which is bright and structured and playful. I love boxy bags and this is a great in-between. Love. It’s way pricey so I had to se my sights lower.
I love love statement jewelry and statement rings in  particular.  And then Jay King Lemon-Lime and Blue Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring‘s popped in my feed one day and I was all ooooh and aaaaah. I could totally rock that and at $50, it is a total conversation piece. Lemon and Turquoise is a great color combo. Unexpected but fab. Swoon.
A great way to add color through accents are shades and I am loving Juicy Couture’s Script Aviator  shades also I think I am way too own to wear those trendy crowns, a leftover trend from coachella, I still love seeing them on other people. For $7, you can get Bohemian Romance Flower Crown from Urban Outfitters. 
bohemian romance
If you’re creative, you can make your own.  I do not wear much red but if I were to go bold, I’d totally pick up Donna Karan’s New York Double Layer Tube Skirt. It is a pencil skirt and I think pencil skirts are great for looking sophisticated and svelte. They’re a really hot skirt style.
Here are 7 things I’m loving as I sojourn to add color to my wardrobe. And I couldn’t resist but add a black wedge shoe in there! But espadrilles are on trend and great for Summer. Jo Espadrille Wedge Sandal With Rhodium is so rock and roll with those buckles.

Prada Small Saffiano Lux Double Zip Tote • Prada • $1,395

Missoni Striped Long Sleeve Cardigan • Missoni • $85

Donna Karan New York Double Layer Tube Skirt • Donna Karan • $238.50

Jay King Lemon-Lime and Blue Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring • $49.90

Jo Espadrille Wedge Sandal With Rhodium • Alexander Wang • $248

Juicy Script Aviator • Juicy Couture • $98

Bohemian Romance Flower Crown • $18


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