Are Chris Brown and Karuche Tran Trolling social media with this pregnancy announcement?

Do you think Chris Brown and his off-again-on-again girlfriend Karuche Tran are trolling their fans?
The duo let an industry friend and touring road dog who is infamous for playing pranks in social media named Wackstar tweet and post on Instagram the above photo cupping Tran’s belly, yesterday. 
He captioned the photo, “Congratulations I hope [sic] is a boy.”
Tran, with her legs wrapped around Brown, is sitting on a bed, and both smile at the camera. 
Pregnancy rumors have circulated for a bit but nothing confirmed. 
The timing is suspicious as Brown’s ex Rihanna just returned to Instagram after quitting when the site censored one of her pics.  She is set to drop her next album R8 this month or next. 
Thoughts? Trolling or real?

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