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5 Non-Medicinal Alternatives For Debilitating Menstrual Cramps

A fraction of women get menstrual cramps so debilitating that they lose time from work or school.

While over-the-counter remedies like Motrin, Naproxen or Advil may work,  sometimes those fall far short of relieving menstrual pain.

Here are five alternative solutions that Dr. Prudence Hall, author of “Radiant Again & Forever”, suggests:

1. Magnesium: Take a magnesium supplement at night. Women who experience the most severe menstrual cramps typically have low levels of magnesium.

2. Bath Time: Take a warm bath with Epsom salts. These also contain magnesium.

3. Sex: Although it may sound counterintuitive, having sex – and orgasms – will definitely help relieve pain due to the hormones released into the body.

4. Oxytocin: Ask your doctor to prescribe oxytocin, a natural hormone (the same one that is released when women nurse). It has the effect of decreasing menstrual cramps and general body aches, while also producing an overall feeling of well-being. What’s not to like about that?

5. Omega 3: Omega 3 can also be very helpful as it helps to relieve inflammation.

Of course, Dr. Hall cautions that extreme pain should never be ignored and advises that all women check with their physicians to eliminate the possibility of such issues as endometriosis, STDs, or uterine fibroids.