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We’re Not Worthy: Jeremy Scott Designed a Gold-Trimmed $1700 Stroller

cybex pram - Copy

Luxury baby goods, which includes a stroller, car seat, and baby carrier, continue to be coveted by the rich and famous.

I continue in my research to catch up on the latest and hottest strollers since I used to publish a preeminent first-of-its kind biennial Most Expensive Stroller blog post series,  started in 2007.

jeremy scott stroller

I have discovered that designer Jeremy Scott has bedazzled (as Slate magazine put it) a high end stroller made by the luxe brand Cybex.  Essentially, Scott added his trademark gold angel wings and polished gold frame not the wheels and that alone jacked up the normally-priced  $1,000 stroller to close to $1700!


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The type of folks that will fork over that much for a stroller, even as an investment piece, won’t blink twice at that premium price.

4.2-CYBEX_GOLDcampaign_PALLAS_M_small-1078x516 - Copy

Cybex, which makes strollers, car seats ($369.95) , baby carriers ($129.95) and other baby transportation products, is the choice for the A-List celebs. Cate Blanchet, Keira Knightly, Fergie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gisele Bundchen, Miroslava DUma, Liv Tyler, Gwen Stefani and David Beckham have all been photographed pushing their tops in one these strollers.

cybex onyx nature - Copy

But what struck me most was the branding. I mean I felt as though I have to be a great looking svelte Manhattan mom with great skin, great hair and a hot husband to own one of these things.

cybex-51521131-03-800x800 - Copy

In the US, a lot of the Giggle stores carry it in the retail stores and online so the line is accessible even if you don’t live near the right zipcode.

AgisM-Air3_Gold_Banners_Carseats_440x360_EN-2 - Copy

Mama Mia!



h/t Slate

The most fashionable pregnant celebrity ever had another baby

Listen, I’m so happy I started to pay attention again to New York Fashion Week shows because I wouldn’t have accidentally discovered that the most fashionable pregnant woman ever Miroslava Duma was pregnant again. 
The former Harper’s Bazaar Russia editor and fashion’s “it” girl gave birth to a son in 2010 and just welcomed daughter Anna with her husband entrepreneur Aleskey Mikheev a couple of weeks ago.

Duma, who currently co-owns Russian digital fashion magazine Buro 247, had another fabulous and amazingly stylish second pregnancy. Totally out of this world and out of touch to any previously pregnant celebrity to-date. 

Here are my fave looks Duma has rocked this past pregnancy:









Like when I tell you this woman’s fashion game is off the Richter, check out how fabulous she dresses and looks when she’s not pregnant. Kim and them wish they could….

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Not Blake Lively: The Battle for the Most Stylish Pregnant Celebrity

So…this weekend Gossip Girl  actress Blake Lively was spotted out and about in New York City in some pretty fab looks. Many fashion outlets (US Weekly, Harper’s Bazaar,  Cosmopolitan) are declaring her the most fashionable pregnant celebrity ever….

collage courtesy US Weekly

*eye roll* Cry? Really, Cosmo??

Anyway, not so fast! 
Lively, who is expecting her first child with husband Ryan Reynolds, did look fab in her Michael Kors  cropped top and white flare embroidered daisy skirt, topped with a Thomas Sires coat and accented in vintage Christian Louboutin pumps and a bold turquoise statement necklace. 
But I’m not gonna cry tears of joy over it.
As a matter of fact, I still maintain that Miroslava Duma former editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia was the most stylish pregnant “celebrity” ever.
And I also maintain Instagrammer Up Close and Stylish  who boasts over 1 million followers was the most stylish social media celebrity when pregnant and is still unseated. 
That’s my opinion. Anyone beg to differ or have proof otherwise they’d like to share? Hit me up in the comment section. 

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