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10 Reasons to Consider Hypnobirthing

If you are expecting around this Mother’s Day and haven’t yet considered Hypnobirthing as an option, consider these tips from  Las Vegas headliner and expert hypnotist Marc Savard and his wife, Joanna. The couple employed the method to deliver their three daughters all natural, drug-free and will again this August for baby number 4.  Here are 10 reasons they provide for why you should consider using the hypnobirthing technique. 

  1. Shorter and more comfortable labor time. Pain comes from the perspective of fear, which creates constricting hormones and shallow breathing, causing pain. Women who practice hypnosis in preparation for childbirth learn comfortable relaxing breathing techniques, and replace fear perspective with expectations of a pleasant child birth, allowing endorphins, feel good hormones, to be released. This allows the mind and body to work together, allowing for a shorter and easier labor.
  2. Pain free or significantly reduced pain during labor.Women who experience a hypnobirth have a different perspective of pain. Instead of feeling pain, women feel sensations such as tightening and pressure. The use of relaxing breathing techniques releases endorphins, which relaxes the body further and allows mothers to mindfully work with their bodies through delivery of their baby. Although hypnobirthing does not promise a pain-free childbirth, women who choose to do hypnobirth never report excruciating pain like most other forms of labor techniques.
  3. Allows a deeper connection with your body and baby during labor. The use of drugs during childbirth disconnects mothers with their own body and their baby. With hypnobirth, there are no drugs needed, so mom is aware of every part of her body, to a super-conscious level. She can feel exactly what her body needs to do to ease the delivery of her baby. This allows the mother and her baby to experience a pleasant delivery and give a warm welcoming for baby into this world.
  4. No need for medications for recovery time. Mothers who learn relaxation techniques and learn a new perspective of sensations in the body not only have no need for medications through recovery time, but also have a shorter recovery time.
  5. Visualization and relaxation skills learned can help pr event complications and tearing.The use of the imagination and visualization during childbirth is extremely useful. When the mind creates an image, the body will naturally create an organic change. This tool allows mothers to work with their mind and body together to prevent tearing or even turn a breeched baby.
  6. Less trauma to the baby during birth allows new baby to feed and sleep better. Babies who are born will less trauma from relaxed childbirth experiences are more relaxed babies themselves. This allows them to more easily bond with their parents, sleep better, feed better, and are all around less fussy babies.
  7. Significantly reduced post-partum depression. Mothers who are more in touch with their mind and body through learning hypnosis techniques have shown greatly reduced post-partum depression. A peaceful childbirth released natural instincts from mother, as she is connected to her child from conception through birth. This gives her strength and clarity and strength when she must care for the child outside the womb.
  8. No drugs in Mom’s body during labor or after means a healthier, happier baby. Babies who do not receive drugs through their mother’s blood stream during labor as more aware and connected to the world when they are born. These babies are much healthier by not being exposed to drugs and chemicals upon their arrival. This allows their immune system and nervous system to be stronger as it develops on its own. Healthier baby = happier baby!
  9. Confidence and personal empowerment gained through delivery is priceless. Mothers who experience hypnobirths learn to be incredibly confident, empowered and in control of their own thoughts, emotions, and sensations. These tools are priceless not only for childbirth, but for being a mom, being a woman, and being a human.
  10. Relaxation skills learned for hypnobirthing are great tools for being a Mom! Being a mother can be exhausting! The relaxation skills are incredible tools for staying calm when your little angel does something to frustrate you, or even when you have trouble falling asleep. Hypnosis teaches useful tools for life!

Hopefully these tips have convinced you to give it a try. 

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Teacher Appreciation Week is this week: 15 Last Minute Ideas Sites

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. If you haven’t already figured out what to get for your child’s teacher yet, here are 15 websites and links with ideas and suggestions to get you started!  But first, do check out the ideas we shared with you in our Holiday gift guide post as many of those were under $10!
Gifts to Make for Teachers
When you make gifts for your child’s teachers you will be putting a little bit of yourself into each gift.  It will be personalized for her and not something that she will receive from 10 other students.  Try to make the gifts useful, like making her a grocery bag.  She would think of you every time she used the bag to carry home groceries.  Think how many years it would last.  Now that many teachers are getting an iPad and other types of tablets, they might need to have a sleeve to protect it.  These ideas and others can be found in these five blog posts.
Gifts to Buy for Teachers
Sometimes teachers receive a lot of gifts that they can’t really use.  How many candles do you really need?  When asked, teachers will most likely say that it’s the thought that counts, but if they are honest they would tell you that gift cards are always appreciated.  These five blog entries share ideas for gifts using store bought items put together in a creative way.
Ideas on a Budget In this economy, the budget to celebrate might be on the small side.  You can find things to do for the teachers that will pamper them without breaking the bank.  Instead of catering a lunch in, see if you can get parents to bring in a covered dish.  For other ideas on how to celebrate teacher appreciation week on budget check out these five blog articles.
Good Luck!

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10 Cinco de Mayo recipes and decorating idea

It’s that time again! Cinco de Mayo is around the corner and many in the US and worldwide have adopted this Mexican liberation holiday as an excuse to get together with friends and nosh on Mexican drinks and dishes at Cinco de Mayo parties and casual get-togethers. Hey! Any excuse for a margarita! Even if you are preggers and have to settle for a virgin one.
Here are 10 websites with Cinco de Mayo recipes and party ideas if you are thinking of hosting something this year or have already been planning a gathering and need additional inspiration and ideas.


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Spring and Easter Break: 25 Sites with Vacation Ideas

From our friends at SuperNanny come this awesome list of 25 blogs that have great ideas for where to take the kids during Easter and Spring break. Hopefully, if there is still time to plan, you can make one of these excursions. 
Getting away for a while and hanging out in nature can be very

relaxing for kids and parents alike.  You don’t even have to go very far

from home to enjoy this experience.  Getting the kids outside to play,

get some exercise and spend time away from the television and other

electronics can be great for some family bonding.  Here are five blog

posts with family-friendly camping ideas.
Cruise lines have opened up a world of opportunities for vacationing

with your kids.  What was once considered a more adult-only vacation has

branched off and now includes many kid-friendly activities, making it

the perfect family-friendly vacation. There are also some cruises, like

the Disney cruises, that are geared almost entirely at the kids in the

family.  Check out these five blog articles about cruising options for

the family.
Warm Destinations
If you are living in a region where there is a lot of snow and

temperatures fall below zero, you might be thinking that enjoying Spring

Break on the beach sounds pretty good.  Which beach do you choose? 

Beaches and other warm destinations to enjoy during Spring Break are

included in these next five blog entries.
Cold Destinations
Spring Break is often the last chance to get some skiing in if you

want to head north or travel into the mountains. If you aren’t a skier,

there are plenty of cold destinations that offer fun activities for

families during Spring Break as well, such as taking in a play on

Broadway or checking out historic locations in New England.  These five

blog posts will point out some Spring Break destinations that will allow

you to take advantage of cooler temperatures before summer hits.
Kids with Working Parents
If you can’t take time off this year to go on a family trip and you

are looking for something interesting for the kids to do all week, here

are some ideas that might inspire your youngsters to have a blast on

their break at home. If you don’t live near any of these places, but

still want to take advantage of these ideas, keep in mind that your

child might be able to stay with family in another city and attend some

of the day camps.  Other ideas to keep kids from getting bored over

Spring Break are also noted.  For ideas check out these five blog


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20 Unique Family Holiday Christmas Card Portrait ideas

Beyond Digital
Each year, families send out Christmas, Hanukkah, Holidays and New Year’s Eve cards to family and friends and each year they struggle to come up with unique portrait pose ideas. Once upon a time, the pose with the family laying in a circle looking up (above) was considered different. Not anymore. I’ve seen that pose on at least one holiday card every year.  So if you are like me and my husband are, and are scrounging around for a different photo card pose idea, you might want to check out these various cards we spotted on Pinterest and the net.  Whether you’ve hired a professional photographer to help you out or are doing it on your own, you may strike gold with one of these below. 
Good luck!

 Justin Hackworth


Eureka Photography

Ling Wang

Carty Photo Blog




Bonnie Velazco

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6 Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts you need to Start planning for NOW

Mother’s Day isn’t until May, but it’s just around the corner and time is ticking if you are thinking of getting a personalized gift for mom this year.  Now is the time to start planning. Here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Hand-sketched portrait of the family – Recall a while back malls would have artists at kiosks doing hand-sketched portraits in charcoal or pencil of a family or a photo brought to them? These days, these artists and companies have gone online but you need to get in line early. You send them a digital image and they sketch it for you and send you a high resolution image that you then print out and frame. Some companies will do the printing and framing for you, depending on how much advanced notice you give them. That is why you need to hurry and get on it now! This is one of the best personal gifts that can be given.

2. Family Tree Artwork – Artwork that incorporates genealogical information can range from minimalist and sparse to very ornate, so there’s a style to suit any décor. Moms are sure to love a family tree painting or print, and there are several retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar, that specialize in them. To create this however, you will have to get a headstart on pinpointing who to put on them and start doing  your homework. Get on it now!

3. Personalized Gifts –  Many personalized gifts sites offer options to purchase a gift item and to decide what image, words or phrasings to put on them. Coffee mugs with mom’s favorite poem or a T-Shirt with the kids in a crazy pose would go off well. But since these are personalized and will take more time, it’s key to start checking out the offerings as soon as possible. Zazzle has a great selection of Mother’s Day gifts at www.zazzle.com/mothers+day+gifts.

4. Homemade Gift Baskets – Sure you can order a pre-made gift basket from a flower shop or gift shop, but mom would really enjoy getting a basket full of the stuff she loves personally. Pick up a wooden box or basket from a craft store and some stuffing for the bottom. Add mugs, her favorite candy or nuts, a personalized necklace, her favorite magazines etc then use one of the cellophane wrapping that shrinkwraps to cinch the basket together. Tie a pretty bow and voila! Personalized gift basket! Easy Breezy, but you need to start thinking of,  listing and chasing down mom’s favorite things to go in the basket now. 

5. Personalized Jewelry –  Many jewelry stores offer items that can be personalized with a scripture or quote that is personal to mom or the family, a unique name that never can be found in stores or photos but to get them made in time for Mother’s day, gift-givers have to start early.  From necklaces with charms to symbolize each of her children to bracelets with each child’s birthstone, there’s definitely no shortage of precious adornments that can be created with Mom in mind.

6. Handmade Gifts – Moms of small children are sure to be moved to tears by a gift they helped to make, so giving little ones a hand in creating her gift can be a big hit.  You want to leave plenty of time for misses and mistakes so if you are thinking of creating a quality and functional handmade gift for mom this year, start planning it now. 

Any mom will appreciate a gift that wasn’t picked up from the local drug store the night before Mother’s Day for once. If you want to get all that gushy love for doing a personalized gift this year, you better get on the ball now! 

Good luck!

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