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Which Athletic Brand Are You (TAKE THIS QUIZ!)


I’m a fan of the Converse brand and have blogged about it a lot in the past.

I love that it the All American brand and that the company is branching off into other styles and offerings. What you wear reflects your personality, so it’s a great idea to know what that says about you and what athletic brand you can relate to best.

Take this quick Personality Quiz to find out which Athletic Brand you are:

QUIZ: What’s Your Maternity Style & Celebrity Muse


Expecting this year and still trying to figure out what you’ll wear and how you’ll express your individual style. Pregnancy is certainly no time to start over and start experimenting, but you’ll need to know how to incorporate what you already like and have in our current wardrobe. These days, people are keen on sharing their outfits in social media. Like celebs, you too can have a signature style.

Take this quiz to help you determine your maternity style!

You Say You’re A Morning Person, But are You Really? Take this QUIZ to Confirm


Whether you’re a work at home mom, stay at home mom, working mom or working parent, there are some times of the day when you are sharpest and on your game. Not everyone is a morning person but some people can hop right out of bed and hit the ground running.

Others need for the day to wind down some before getting into the groove and getting some things accomplished. Some people work best in the evening when everyone’s asleep and there is no social media alerts and pop ups to distract during the day.

Others are most productive first thing in the morning. Knowing when you’re producing the best ideas is essential.

Take this quiz to find out which is your best time of day: