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Ditch Your 9-5 with an Online Biz in 2017, I’ll Show You How (SIGN UP)


Hey guys!

I’m using this platform to invite my blog readers to a free online webinar I (along with my online learning platform, the Digital Publishing Academy), is hosting tomorrow for career professionals, new stay-at-home moms, and small business owners.

In a 1.5 hour session tomorrow (Wednesday) evening from 7:30pm to 9:00pm, I will be doing a little brain dump of my 2 decades of experience in the content creation, blogging and digital publishing.

I’m dishing on everything  you need to know to become a social media influencer or blogger or  online biz owner.

It’s for those who have a boss that may not appreciate them. They’re underpaid and much too talented and skilled to keep working for others and helping someone else build their business.

The thing is…the daily grind of work and family life leaves most people exhausted at the end of the day.

And these days, social media distracts a lot of people from their goals.

People have great intentions of doing some research for branching on their own but before they know it, someone shares some interesting article on Facebook, next thing they’re clicking it, skimming it, heading to the comment section and eventually wasting hours going toe-to-toe with some annoying person online.

And then nothing happens. They go nowhere and don’t advance, end up feeling guilty and get getting frustrated about being stuck in a dead end job.

This may be you reading this.

If you are tired of the grind and making too little money, given all your talent, connects and influence…

…and you know you can do better…

you will want to take enroll in this free course that you can watch when you get home (if you live on the East Coast).

I will show you how to pivot and start over in a new career online.


The webinar will help you skip the line – the trial and error, missteps and errors that I went through over the course of 20 years I took growing and developing an award-winning, highly trafficked website that has gotten over 10 million visitors and made over 6 figures.

I will give you all the tools you need so by the time you complete all courses you will be able to:

  • Set it up so it is profitable from launch;
  • Know all the behind-the-scenes things that you MUST do from day one to grow your influence, following and your business;
  • Learn all the legal, business, finance and technical set up so you can launch this year and be in a different field by early next year;
  • Figure out how to automate your social media, schedule your life around your new project; and pull off a part time blog while working full time, going to school or running your business.

This class is for you if you:

  • Are the type of person who needs to know all is involved in anything before jumping in feet first and don’t want to waste time exploring a new endeavor;
  • Have explored the idea of establishing an online media personality to supplement a business or to expand a personal brand, but have wasted enough time thinking about it and are ready to take the next steps;
  • Have already launched a blog or have an online social media following at your current job or business but haven’t really put in the time, resources or attention to figure out what you really need to do be successful.

Are you excited?!

I am!

I love teaching and sharing my wisdom with others. I’m a firm believer in awareness and being in the know.

I’ve taught at University of Maryland‘s College of Journalism as an adjunct professor, a clinical instructor at Georgetown University Law Center and guest spoke at Yale Law and Penn State‘s College of Telecommunmications. I also have lots of mentees and spend lots of time giving advice to friends and my consultant clients.


So you’re in great hands with me! Join me! Hope to see you on Wednesday!!

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