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This is Your Source for Teacher Holiday Gift Ideas


The end of the year is coming and so it winter break! If your child or his/her class are thinking about gifting their teachers (or teachers) something as a small token of gratitude and holiday gift, you might be scrambling. Besides checking out my video and blog post that I put out each year with gift ideas, here is a list of 24 blogs posts others have made with some very very creative, awesome and easy to put together ideas in them!

Tag the parents you know in this post and see if any want to go in on a gift to save time and money. Also, you room mothers out there looking for ideas, you’re bound to find something useful in this list! check it out and hurry! We’ve only got a few weeks left! EEEEK!!!


If you have a ton of teachers to buy for then spending $10 to $20 per teacher on gifts may not be feasible.  Here are five bloggers that have come up with some handmade gifts that any teacher will be happy to receive.


Don’t have time to make a handmade gift this year?  Check out these five blog posts for ideas on things that can be store-bought for the teachers you love this year.

Class Gifts

Going in together as a class can be a much easier solution when it comes time to purchase a gift for a teacher, and will allow you to purchase a bigger gift. Include the students in making something that she’ll always be able to remember her students by.

Child Made

Teachers love to receive notes and the like from their students, but if you would like to take it one step further, here are some gift ideas that the kids can make.  Check them out on these five blog entries.


It’s not unusual for teachers to receive generic gifts from their students. Instead of getting your child’s teacher a basic, off-the-rack gift, why not get something that is personalized for her this year to show her how special she is to your child?  These five blogs will give you some ideas on what to get or what to make.

Last Minute

Running out of time to buy a gift for your child’s teacher?  Here are some ideas for quick gifts to give to your kids’ teachers on the following five blog posts.