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More Tips for Picking the Right Pediatrician For Your Child

Here are some more tips about selecting a Pediatrician:

You want your baby to have the best care. Selecting the right pediatrician will be a lot more challenging than finding a maternity specialist. Whomever you select will be the one caring for your child’s health up to their pre-teens.

Some may advise you to build a list of pediatricians sometime between 28 to 34 weeks into your pregnancy. This is just a first step. It’s important to find a doctor you’re comfortable with for the first six months so your baby will get the important health tests they need. Here are a few tips to help you narrow down your search for a pediatrician.

Schedule Interviews

    There are local pediatric offices that hold “open house” events for new parents. Otherwise, you can schedule an appointment to meet with a doctor for your own job interview.

    Among some of the questions you ask your candidates, try to include three important ones. Ask if they are parents themselves. How do they feel about breastfeeding or circumcision procedures? Most importantly, what are their stances on vaccinations? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have strong rules about physicians recommending vaccinations for young children. Listen to their opinions of each of these topics and judge how you wish to proceed.

Check Credentials

    Never assume a pediatrician is certified because there’s an “MD” after their name. Verifying their credential is one way of assuring you of this doctor’s experience.

    All pediatricians must have a valid medical school degree and served three years of residency at a hospital, urgent care clinic, or group practice. Members of the AAP are committed to the organization’s standards and codes of conduct. The letters, “FAAP,” stand for Fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics and indicate the doctor was board certified for this high honor. These titles can be found in directories for most local credentialing services.      

The Office Environment

    A good first impression can go a long way for selecting a professional. You might not meet the doctor right away, but you’ll meet their office staff first.

    When you walk up to the front desk, gauge how the receptionist treats you. Are they friendly, understanding, helpful, or dismissive? Next stop, the waiting room. Is it a clean, safe environment that is accommodating to both child and parent? Another thing to measure is the volume of patients. Keep score of the wait times. Longer waits could be better than shorter ones if it means the doctor is giving a serious case proper consideration.


    The biggest determination is how the pediatrician works with your child. Pediatricians go into this field because they want to work with children. Parents form lasting bonds with their pediatrician because they trust their advice.

    Good communication is beneficial for a developing child. There should be no barriers, be they emotional or professional. What if you had an emergency and needed to get in touch with them? Ask them how they would feel if they needed a second opinion. Ensure your parenting style matches their own.