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The 4 Things I Plan to Do to Get Back into Shape


It’s time of the  year when many people vow to get in shape. I too am eager to unpack some of the pounds I gained during the Holiday eating season. Also, I just returned from an overseas trip where I visited my husband’s native Trinidad and Tobago. There was plenty of yummy desserts, breads and other delicious meals that got demolished. So…yeah. Ten to 20 pounds later.

Here are the four things I will be using to get back into shape:

  1. My workout playlist I created a few years ago on the Soundcloud App which has been reposted by quite a few people. I even created one for Soca and Afro Beats when I want to switch it up. You can check them out below:

2. I plan to hit the gym regularly and run at least three times a day outdoors or on the treadmill in the gym or my home gym in my basement.
  1. I also intend to cut back on carbs so I’m going to stockup on Thin Slim Foods. I did a review of theses yummy pasta, bread, bagels and desserts samples the company sells and was convinced. I am a genuine convert.

ThinSlim Foods
4. Because I’m budgeting this year for several planned excursions and investments, so Lululemon is out of the budget when it comes to updating my work out gear. Fortunately, I can get that same caliber and quality of clothing from Fabletics at a fraction of the cost. Fill out the quiz and you get a lovely selection of clothing to fit your exercise of choice, fit level, place of workout, clothing size and budget.

Once I join, I am offered one two piece outfit for $10.00 and when I order at least $39.95 in clothing, I get free shipping! You cannot beat that. I love leggings of all colors, patterns and shapes. I live in work out gear given that I work from home and have to be flexible with my choice of clothing. Running errands, heading out to pick up or drop off the kids, picking up mail and other routine tasks can be done comfortably in any pair of leggings. Here are the ones the Fabletics team picked out for me. Click below to take the quiz and get your own customized offerings:
If you’d like to get in on this deal and join as well, take the quiz HERE! 


Review: Peel off that Baby Weight but Still Eat Deelish Bread with Thin Slim Low-Carb Foods


Whether you’re trying to peel off some of your pregnancy weight, slim down for resort season or to fit into your New Year’s Eve dress, you may be cutting back on your carbs to achieve your optimum weight goal.

ThinSlim Foods
I know I am right now!

Not only am I trying to slim down for a professional photo shoot I’ll like to have later this month, but I’m also heading to the beach for the holidays and would love to be able to wear a momkini comfortably.

And because of that, I’ve been eating lettuce, cucumbers and rabbit food lately. boooo!

So…that is why I was uber excited to get a break from eating low calorie and low carb bland food yesterday when I pulled out one of my faves from my Thin Slim Foods collection of food items.

About a month ago, this company that specializes in low carb foods, sent me a nice sample of their products. The best part is that they have some of the foods typically on the naughty list when you’re cutting back: breads, pasta, bagels and desserts! Eeeek! Yes!

I mean, a slice of bread with 1 net carb gram per slice? Seriously!? You cannot beat that at all. Insane!

ThinSlim Foods
I couldn’t really express my excitement in words over getting to eat yummy bread again, so I decided to post up a video review this round so you can get a feel for how much I enjoyed this product! I’m a believer. I’m going to have to buy my own when this runs out!

If you’d like your own, you can get some by clicking this link or any or the banner ads on this post. I’m a believer, for sure!


ThinSlim Foods