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Trending this Spring: STRIPES!


Listen, so stripes are BIG this Spring and ordinarily women are told to avoid stripes because horizontal ones are said to make one look wider. When there’s a baby on the way, growing a big belly is going to happen and you’d think that stripes would be a definite trend to skip this round, right?

Well, hold on there, fashionable mamas to be! There are several ways to integrate stripes in your Spring look. Naturally, accessories like scarves, jewelry, handbags and shoes are a way to do it. However, you can go with wider stripes or colored stripes in contrasting, non-complementary colors or with super thin pin-stripes. Definitely vertical stripes also can buck the widening illusion of traditional horizontal stripes.

We’ve curated a few styles to show you items you can use to achieve the look.


Trend Alert: The Wedge Shoe

Finally, a style of boot is in-style this fall that is pregnant lady friendly! The wedge boot, and in particular the ankle variety, is great for when you want to retain your height but want something that is better for balancing your changing center of gravity as your grow a baby.

And although darker colors and funky patterns are making their way on fashion pages for fall spreads, until then, there are some sandal variety of the wedge that can be suitable for the Spring and Fall!

Sweet! It’s a win-win preginistas!

photos: starcast, Splash

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