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Holiday Warning: Beware of Spying or Hacked Nanny Cams, Update Your Software

It happened in the UK, Long Island, New YorkN, South Carolina and a lot of other places lately. A nanny camera set up in a child’s room roving and moving on its own thanks to hackers who managed to remotely access the cameras without the knowledge or approval of the owners.

In general, the Internet of Things means things like toys, music players like Alexa, refrigerators and more can be connected to the net. With this connection comes the risk of being exploited by hackers so use two level password protection and opt for the highest encryption possible.

Also, with adults spending an astonishing 11 hours per day glued to their screens – reading, watching, listening and interacting with media ‒ making a pledge to protect your online life is a digital must do. Intel, the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) and Microsoft have an easy-to-implement solution for your New Year’s resolution: #UpdateMeow and keep your systems and software current. The message is simple: when you receive an update notification from your device manufacturer or operating system vendor, verify the source and apply the update. It’s one of the easiest ways to help keep devices secure.

Leveraging the popularity of cats on the internet, #UpdateMeow is a feline-friendly way to remind everyone to update their software and systems, which is often essential to fixing security bugs. It’s simple, has multiple benefits and will keep your interconnected world safer and more secure. What better way to kick off the New Year than by taking one simple step that will help protect you, your family and your entire online community.