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22 Anti-Valentine’s Day Links and Photos

NY Daily News
Not everyone like Valentine’s Day. Some are single and despise the holiday. Others are paired up but just don’t like the consumption aspect of the holiday and how it is more or less about commercial spending. 
Inevitably, each year around this time, many of the Anti-Valentine’s day crowd will descend online, especially, to put down the holiday, love, and anyone who happens to be in a happy relationship. 
It’s quite overwhelming but the market has grown so much so that that each year, mainstream magazines have even started to put out articles and “to do” lists for the anti-Valentine’s day crowd. 
Today USA Today had a list of 14 Things to Do if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Other news items around the web:
Some of it is kind of rough because it makes single people appear bitter when many are not. Actually Single Awareness Day on February 15 is an alternative holiday that many single people celebrate to take time to appreciate themselves.
And then there are the anti-Valentine’s day memes and posters. Some are bitter but many funny. Here are our favorites:










Remember Kermit the Frog from the opening sequence of The Muppet Movie singing The Rainbow Connection, singing about “the lovers, the dreamers and me”?

Look what the haters did to him?

Poor Kermit! LOL!

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Valentine’s Day Playlist- 15 Music Videos from Different Music Genres

Today is the day of love! If you have’t gotten something for your loved one and/or if you’re stuck inside because of weather or a babysitter falling through, consider putting together a playlist of love songs for your sweetheart!

Here is a medley of songs including pop, soft rock, oldies, reggae, hip hop, country for you to pick from you can think about adding to your Valentine’s Day Play List:

Watch them all HERE

 or skip and pick below:

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Happy Valentine’s Day! – 10 Infant Sweetheart Photos to Recreate!

BellyitchBlog Rewind
Happy Valentine’s Day 
from all of us here at Bellyitch! 

And as a sweet gift to you, our readers, please enjoy these adorable Lovers’ Day themed cards featuring adorable babies from some talented photographers professional and momographers!










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20 Valentine’s Day Ideas for the Divorced/Separated Parent and their kid(s)

If you are a newly or recent divorcee or separated from your spouse this Valentine’s Day, whether you are already dating someone or not, you may rather spend Valentine’s day with your kid or children.  
If so, then if you are scrambling for ideas to celebrated this holiday of Love with your offspring(s), here are 20  last-minute ideas of things you guys can do together this Friday — weather permitting as the East Coast is experiencing severe winter weather.  There are some great at-home activities in here you can do nonetheless, with a few resources scrubbed off the internet! 
1. Have an Indoor Picnic in the Living Room
2. Have a Movie Night. Rent movies you both like, pop some popcorn and snuggle under the covers.
3. Make Pizza. Be your own Italian Chef.
4. Go for a Drive to the Country a little way from home and back. Use the time to talk and catch up.
5. Go out for Dinner. Get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant.
6. Go Roller Skating. Have some physical fitness and fun while skating to the hits and oldies at your local rink.
7. Make Soup for the Week. If you live in a climate experiencing winter, whip up several batches of different soups to eat and save for later. You can pick different recipes from online resources or your crock pot cook book
8. Go Bowling. You can never go wrong having a Bowling night.
9. Make Desserts. Cakes, Brownies, Cookies and Decorating fun designs is guaranteed fun.
10. Paint. Roll up the Sleeves, Get out some paper or a canvase and some paint and get creative. Frame your masterpieces and hang them up in your home.
11. Craft. There are loads of crafting projects online. Taking the time to create some crafts is fun and functional if you make some thing that you can use later like an oven mit or a frame.
12. Write Short Stories. Get your creative juices flowing. Get out some paper and pen and write up some fun stories to share or use to enter into writing contests.
13. Have a Game Night. Haul out the Connect Four, Checkers and Monopoly board games and have fun.
14. Head to the Beach. If you live near a beach and in a climate that works, pack a picnic and head down to the beach.
15. Have a Dance Party. Put on the Music Video Channel or Crank up the Stereo and Dance in the Basement or in the living room.
16. Have a Karaoke Night. Find Videos with Lyrics on YouTube and set it up so you can have a performance. 
17. Do Puzzles. Get out different puzzles, get on the floor and put together some pieces.
18. Tell Scary Stories. If you’re caught in the storm and without power still, it sucks but you can use that time under the dim lights to tell spooky ghost stories to pass time until the light comes back.
19. Go to Dave & Busters or Chuck E. Cheese. Fun Activity Centers always are good for a fun time.
20. Go to the Movies. Whether a matinee or to the theater that plays dated movies, get up and get out and head to the Cinema.

Good Luck and have fun!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

It’s getting down to the wire to start planning something for Valentine’s Day for those of you married, with a significant other, dating or otherwise “boo’d up”.
Based on an analysis of thousands of restaurant and bar recommendations processed by Wist (www.getwist.com) — an app Aigerim Shorman created that gives you personalized food and drink recommendations for any occasion — her team has come up with five action steps you can take to find the perfect Valentine’s Day venue:


Does your honey love to visit fancy places, or prefer more laid back spots? It’s too overwhelming to search for both so pick one type and stick to it.

Instead of unrelated venues and gifts, give the night a theme (like “Hot Latin Salsa” or “Paris in ). Coordinate restaurants, bars, activities, and gifts around this theme.
If you’ve shared a long history together, re-create past memorable moments with a new spin — or if you’re new lovebirds, prepare a thoughtful and sweet reason WHY you picked your chosen place.
Don’t just show up at a restaurant or bar without specific food or drink recommendations. Check out online and mobile reviews first to get specific suggestions of what to order for the best experience. 
Just in case things don’t work out as you had in mind at your top choice, have a couple of secondary locations in mind if you need a quick change of plans.


Isabella Oliver

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Survey: Men and Women are Clueless about Valentine’s Day Plans

When it comes to Valentine’s Day Gift shopping, Men are from Mars, Women are From Venus.
That was the conclusion of a survey by Wist personalized food and drink recommendations mobile app which discovered that  men and women largely misunderstand the romantic preferences of each other on Valentine’s Day. An interesting conclusion found was that neither gender is ready for Valentine’s Day with only a few days left, though of those surveyed men (66%) compared to women (42%) have even made plans yet.
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  • While women prefer an “out-of-town trip” (25%) or a “romantic home-cooked meal” (24%) as their top two Valentine’s Day activities, men are most commonly planning “dinner at a fun and casual restaurant” (23%) or “dinner at a fancy and elegant restaurant” (15%) for the romantic holiday.
  • While 55% of men prefer to go out to dinner, only 12% of women who plan Valentine’s Day activities intend to go out to dinner with their men.
  • Unlike a Hollywood movie scene, both men (56%) and women (59%) prefer a “fun and casual” Valentine’s Day spot to a “fancy and elegant” venue.
    300x300 Logo
  • Both men (43%) and women (46%) prefer “something creative that requires thought or time” as their top Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Among traditional gifts, women overwhelmingly prefer to receive jewelry (39%), but most men (34%) will give flowers.
  • For traditional gifts, men much preferred to receive “something sexy” (32%), but most women (36%) will give their man a card.


  • With only a few days left until Valentine’s Day, 66 percent of women and 42 percent of men haven’t made plans yet about what to do on Feb. 14.
  • Likewise, with only a few shopping days left, 44 percent of women and 32 percent of men haven’t yet decided what gift to give their significant other.
Yikes! Let’s get it together peeps. You’ve got a few more days! Hop to it!

In part two to this post later today, we’ll offer suggestions based on an analysis of thousands of restaurant and bar recommendations processed by the team at WIST app to get you started!

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Valentine’s Day: 5 ways to pamper your pregnant wife

A woman likes to be spoiled – period. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, Christmas, her birthday, or just Tuesday, she loves feeling special.  So you can count on the fact that if she’s pregnant, she wants and needs to be pampered. If you’re looking to earn some brownie points, this pamper list has got you covered. Below are some great ways that you can let her know that you love her:

  1. The Power of the Spa What girl doesn’t love to spa? Spas are the epitome of being pampered. These days, many spas are catering to pregnant women. Now she can get a specially designed massage that addresses her body’s needs. A spa is a lot like a fancy restaurant; it has a menu full of delicious choices. Feel free to select an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert for your lady. Get her a facial, a massage, and a pedicure. She’ll leave feeling relaxed, pampered, pretty – and appreciated.
  2. The Little Things Sometimes, it’s the little things that count. Those small but thoughtful gestures can have the biggest impact. Sometimes just asking if needs or wants anything can earn you big brownie points (even getting her real brownies can get you brownie points). Her hormones are a lot like a roller coaster. It’s important that you are sensitive to her feelings, and that you simply let her know that you are there for her. Give her a little foot rub, do the dishes, make dinner, or give her a card. These may seem like small gestures, but they’re ones that will make her feel pampered and loved.
  3. Girls Just Want to Have Fun Cyndi Lauper sang it well: “Girls just want to have fun.” Plan a special little get together for her and her friends. Organize a spa day or an intimate girl dinner at the house. Whatever you decide, just make sure it thoughtful. Don’t microwave a couple some popcorn or hotdogs and think that makes a special girls’ night. If you do it, do it well. If you succeed, you’ll be a big hit with Ms. Preggers and her friends. Warning: Fellow husbands might have a bone to pick with you.
  4. Your Love is like a Rock Your love is like a rock, and this baby solidifies that fact. What better way to show her that you love and appreciate her than with a rock? Diamonds, baby. Getting her some jewelry, whether it’s with diamonds or not, is a great way to symbolize your love and this special event in your lives. You can give her this luxe little gift before or after the birth of your baby. What woman doesn’t love jewelry? She’ll love it, and unlike her clothes, jewelry is a perfect fit. If possible, stick to necklaces or earrings. Fingers can swell during pregnancy. Jewelry will make her feel like a princess, and make her see you as her prince.
  5. Date Night Women love romance, which is why they’ll even see a romantic comedy that’s received bad reviews. Like shoes, a woman can never have too much romance. Try planning a romantic date or getaway.  Dinner at her favorite restaurant, a romantic candle-lit dinner in the backyard, a movie night on the sofa snuggling, or a mini weekend getaway at a luxurious hotel. Any of these ideas will make her feel pampered. For an extra dose of appreciation, feel free to indulge her with more than one of these fab ideas.

Hopefully, these ideas will inspire and get the cretative juices flowing!

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