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Weekend Style Pick: Slim Pants & Pencil Skirts



These are the last days of Summer. Your chances to wear slingbacks, summer Whites and flirty dresses are coming to a close. 

A good Summer/Fall transition choice is sim fit pants and skirts. 

They are versatile because you can dress them up or down with a t-shirt or blouse and funky or elegant jewelry.

I’m heading out tonight for another Virgo birthday celebration and I plan to cinch everything in with a pair of black skinny jeans and a black pencil skirt


Edited to add my look with baby my sis and our Bellyitch Blog blogger, Posh The Socialite. 

That’s the other perk of these pieces: the slimming effect. Perfect!

If you are heading out tonight, consider slim jeans or a pencil skirt as a cute and cool seasonal transition look.

Photos: see Bellyitch style board for credit