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Uncomfortable and Morbid But You Have To Create a Will Before Baby Is Born

The minute you deliver your baby, you’re going to have to create some plans for her or him if you unfortunately and unexpectedly meet an early demise.

It’s a hard topic but no one is promised tomorrow, as the cliched quote goes, and frankly, it is irresponsible of any parent to avoid setting up a will or some other directive for their children while on earth.

To see an example of the importance of jumping on this morning task early one only need to look at the highly publicized instances of family in fighting when a celebrity passes away without a will.

On my biz blog, Jenebaspeaks.com, I shared a blog post about a limited time free service and I’m sharing here for my parenting audience.

Generating a will is time-consuming and financially draining. The founder of Giving Docs, Brantley Boyett, knows this because he’s a lawyer. (And he approves this message.)

But with Giving Docs, you can create a will in just 10 minutes and avoid expensive lawyer fees!

How does Giving Docs help you create such an important document so quickly? With yes or no questions and short text entry.

There are five simple steps:

  • Add your loved ones and organizations important in your life
  • Define any specific gifts, such as cash amounts or possessions like family heirlooms
  • Assign your distributions to people and organizations (::cough:: educational organization ::cough::)
  • Choose your personal representative who will be responsible for carrying out your wishes for your estate
  • Print off your will, visit a notary, and sign your will with two witnesses present
Lifetime Access to Giving Docs

When you’re done, your will will be Ed Hochuli official and legally-binding in all 50 states. (Giving Docs does recommend showing what you’ve created to your lawyer.)

International Sumo-ling hack: Use these documents as a template, bring them to an attorney, and save yourself a few billable hours!

Ok, but what if you want to make changes, like remove a school you just discovered serves pineapple pizza? Not a problem. You can alter your will at any time. Just remember to get it notarized again.

Listen, I know talking about death gives you the heebie-jeebies, but by being proactive, you can make sure the people and causes you care about are taken care of.

Lifetime Access to Giving Docs

Usually, lifetime access to this estate planning tool is $295.

But, because Giving Docs practices what they preach about paying it forward, they are giving Sumo-lings lifetime access for free!

Look at that. You are saving hundreds of dollars that would normally be going to a lawyer.

So let’s start dividing up those assets and gifting your favorite educational institution today.

Get Giving Docs now!