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What Winter Shade to Rock Now!

Winter calls winter nail colors. Depending on your personality, where you work, and how far you’re willing to take it, you can go for fun, funky, conservative, whimsical or whatever.

Currently, I’m rocking a shimmery and glittery deep shade of blue but I’m a blogger and I have flexibility and no longer work in a strict corporate environment where blue nail polish may be looked down upon.

I curated my fave shades and designs and updated them on my Bellyitch Pinterest nail page where you can see the credits for these:

8 DIY Winter Nail Inspiration Designs


It’s winter nail seasons. What better way to celebrate snow days, early nights, and the winter holiday season than through creative nails. These days, there are so many tutorials online, and tools that are plentiful that anyone can create fantastical designs without having to rely on a professional nail tech.
If you’re a mom-to-be and limited in your wardrobe options, pretty and decorative nails are a great way to express your style and individuality. And they don’t have to be over the top either. Check out these:


Winter nails design and colored ideas

With the temperature dipping, it’s time to start thinking of winter nails, fashionista and preginistas! When I think of winter, I think of navy Blues, white, silver and deep dark reds. 

Check out these winter nail ideas:

NARS at ShopStyle
jcpenney at ShopStyle
Burberry at ShopStyle
RGB at ShopStyle

Leighton Denny at ShopStyle