Comprehensive Web Guide to The Sock Monster

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After taking an informal poll among my friends, it was agreed that there is a sock monster that goes from home to home consuming half of sock pairs. To combat this horrible beast who I believe also eats tupperwear bowl lids, little girl barrettes and earring halves, one of my pollsters suggested a solution:
Only buy one type, color and brand of the same socks for the children from infants to adults. That way, if that monster goes off with a sock or two, you never have to worry about finding a match because all socks will be pairs.
Voila! Problem solved. Aaaah, the beauty of putting our heads together to fight a common enemy!
Other people have dealt with the monster in the past like Texas Triple . And apparently, he is also a reggae artist at night. He is the subject of a couple of e-books such as Simon & The Sock Monster, and hard copy books like  Gracie meets the Sock Monster and Fulsi, the Sock Monster and The Sock Monster. 
He’s got his own webcomic and everything. To help beat the fear, you may try designing your own sock monster or check out the dozens of images in Google of Sock Monsters craft puppets. Or you can buy one already made.
There’s even a store named after him in Seattle.Some other authors have tried to address this creature who is even listed in the Urban Dictionary.
Like unicorns, the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot and other legendary mythical creatures, we can all agree that he exists but is pretty much harmless.

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