How to get your kids to eat more fruits & veggies

Only 22% of children ages 2 to 5 get the appropriate amount of fruits and veggies in their diet.   One great way to combat this is by giving your children green juice! While green juice may be very Hollywood, parents all over the nation have seen how effective juices can be for picky eaters. Incorporating juices that contain greens, like Kale and Spinach, with a combination of fruits, like green apple and pineapple, is a naturally sweet way to get kids to sip on greens they normally wouldn’t eat. While green juices can be incorporated into your kid’s diet, it should not be a substitute for the real thing. Here are some more tips for getting your kids to eat their veggies:1.       Be a good role-model: studies show that kids tend to mimic their parents, even their eating habits.2.       Offer a variety: Giving your kids healthy options to choose from makes it easier for both you and them.3.       Get your kids involved: Bring your kids to the farmers market with you and let them help with the cooking. This will pique their interest in their food.4.       Make it fun: Incorporate fun stories and games into your meal time to make eating veggies feel like less of a job.5.       One Bite Rule: Incorporate the one bite rule into your meal time routine allows for kids to try different veggies. Rachel Malsin, co-founder of Project Juice, has created the juice below making juicing at home easy and delicious.       

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