International Women’s Day: 7 Pregnancy Magazines from around the World

In honor of today’s International Women’s Day, we are re-sharing our post of international pregnancy magazines

In 2009, after I noticed a dearth of diverse models that covered Pregnancy and Fit Pregnancy magazine, I wrote a critical post asking them both to do a better job at ensuring their covers reflect the racial diversity of their audience and readership.

Although I am not certain if much as changed since then, I have since then took note of the fact that internationally, many nations, especially those that have an active movie and film industry like Brazil, Nigeria, the Philippines and Korea, have pregnancy magazines. Others have affiliate or franchise relationships with American magazines that publish in their countries. And of course, their covers would naturally feature those who make up their population. 
Here is a snapshot of pregnancy magazines that are thriving and doing well in sales internationally:


Dancer and TV personality Kafayat Oluwatosin Shafau graces the cover of  Pregnancy and You magazine in 2011.
In 2006, celebrity mother Byun Jung-soo posed bare bellied inside  변정수 magazine.
Although not a pregnancy magazine, Brazilian mag Hola! features pregnant celebrities like singer/actress Thalia, often.
Former world diving champion Tian Liang and his singer wife Ye Yiqian were featured on an online e-magazine.
Actress Kristine Hermoso was featured inside Working Mom magazine with with husband Oyo Sotto.
Phillipines’ Smart Parenting does a Smart Pregnancy feature once in a while too.
The thriving economy and movie industry in South Africa allows for its to do well. 

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