The Gender Pay Inequity: SAHMs and Women working in Arts v. STEM are the Cause (INFOGRAPHIC)

In the United States, we always hear feminists, women advocates and some politicians quote a US Department of Labor statistics which states that women earn $.77 for every dollar a man makes. Well the folks at TopManagementDegrees.com attempt to peel back the onion on this common enunciated stat and offer some of the reasons for the disparity that may have nothing to do with true pay inequity. 
In sum, it notes that more men, generally and nationally work in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) such as doctors, as IT techs, as nuclear engineers, etc, for example.  Those jobs, on average, pay more money that the fields where women work more of in concentrated levels like teaching, the arts, counseling and social work.

Also, it notes, that more women are likely to be stay home moms and more women do not return to work after having a baby or return on a part time basis which pays less than full time.

There are private employers, most likely who would pay women and men differently based on their gender, no doubt. However, when you crunch all these numbers and stats, the reason for the difference isn’t always necessarily because employers women are being discriminating against  in any given field.  The law of averages don’t come out in favor of of women when you factor in more information into the formula.

In other words, the devil is in the details.
What do you think? Check out the infographic and comment below!

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