Florida man is accused of purposefully leaving toddler in hot car to die

Earlier this week, we shared a post about technology to prevent the annual accidental deaths of children left in the car and now comes news that one of those examples we shared in that post may not have been accidental after all.
The father of little Cooper is being charged in the death of the 22-month old boy who was left inside a mini-SUV for hours after a hot 92 degree day near Atlanta, Georgia. 
Family and supporters had plead for the police to not charge the man, claiming it was an accident, but police discovered evidence leading them to believe Justin Ross Harris purposefully murdered his son. 
They say a search on the man’s laptop computer revealed a search for “how long does it take a dog to die in a hot car” and “child deaths inside hot cars.”
Justin Ross Harris was released earlier but is now in custody, while the police execute search warrants on his home and office. Court documents say during police interrogation, Ross Harris said he in fact made the search but out of concern it could happen to him.  Nonetheless, police say he went to his car at lunch with his child still in the car, dropped something in the automobile and left. At the end of work, he drove to a crowded shopping center and then screamed for help. Police say it was all part of an act to appear to be an accident. 
His family and friends continue to defend him saying he is a Godly and good man and father. The investigation is ongoing. 

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