Can we quit congratulating women who were skinny pregnant on post-baby weight loss?

So former star of The Hills and TV personality  Kristin Cavallari revealed to E! that she took two months to shed 20 pounds and is a couple of pounds away from being her pre-pregnancy weight. It’s not being jealous to not want such news from women who were pretty thin while pregnant trumpeted, right?

US Weekly  featured pics of Cavallari  spotted out and about looking trim recently. 

The Fabulist co-host also posted some recent gym and other recent post-baby pics on her Instagram account, including a before and after shot herself.

Look how thin Cavallari was at about 8 months pregnant when this E! photo was taken:

The headlines are the type of stuff that induces pregnant women to starve themselves while carrying their babies or entices others to start exercising too soon after having a baby or depriving themselves of nourishment so they can shed their baby weight as fast as possible.
These pieces also circulate unrealistic expectations among men and others who should be supporting a new mom to be the best new mom.  What lady wants their guy saying, “but celebrity so and so dropped 20 pounds in a week.”

TOO SKINNY AFTER BABY: New Celebrity Moms face backlash for losing too much weight

Most women don’t have access to an army of chefs, personal trainers, dietitians and private in-home gyms to help them drop the weight super fast. Neither are most women’s careers depended upon them getting back fit quickly so they could land TV roles or get back on the road gigging.
Celebrity women have an incentive to work out like crazy and be uber mindful of their diet. 
Further, Cavallari may have the same type of constitution like fitness blogger Caroline Berg Eriksen whose before and after baby underwear Instagram photo caused plenty controversy last year.

But I suppose it’s click bait and the people behind the headlines and articles are less interested in the collected psyche of women than their page view counts.

Yeah, this is me being holier than thou again and what? (smile)

Rise above.

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