Disney beats Apple & Google to the Smart Wearables market

This week, Samsung and LG launched wearable smart watches and beat Apple to the market for delivering its anticipated iWatch.
But how about Disney World in Orlando Florida beat them all to the punch! That’s right, those staying at a hotel in the popular vacation destination resort have the option to purchase waterproof “Magic Bands” to make their visit totally digital. You can also purchase the wrist bands on site at the various parks: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom or the water parks; and use them in Downtown Disney.
With the wrist bands, wearers can seamlessly go on rides, sign up for their FastPass, buy food and merchandise and even get their photo taken while on a ride once a sensor recognizes they are wearing the wrist band.  The bands are good at the hotels, restaurants and are connected to a credit card. It could replace the need to take your keys and wallet and is in essence a digital ID.
The Magic Bands currently cost $12.95 (plus tax) and are available in seven colors and can be blinged out for extra. At check out, the  MagicBand are linked to your park tickets.
Of course, with this technology, it didn’t take neurotic privacy wonks to lament in a Time article how the wristbands are like the spying United States National Security Agency (NSA), in that they can track every move.  Sure you can get into your hotel room by just tapping your wristband at the door, but do you want that convenience of not having to be weighed down when you know Disney may be tracking your and your kids’ preferences?
Um….. There are a lot of parents and Disney lovers who will gladly turn in a little bit of privacy in exchange for a less burdened and easier time maneuvering around a sprawling campus all day. 
Sign us up! ha!
photo: Disney.com

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