Back-to-School Checklist: 5 things you need to Do Soon!

As summer winds to a close, parents are scrambling to get school supplies, do last minute shopping and scheduling hair appointments and hair cuts for their little ones.  But there are other tasks that are less tangible but are key to a successful school here. 
Here is a list of things to get set, regulated or purchased before or during the first few days of the new school year. 

1.       Whip Your Immune System into Shape Schools are hot beds for illness- especially during the first few days of the school-year. Make sure your children are current on all their important vaccinations to protect them as flu season begins.
Do it the natural way: Eat foods high in vitamin C. According to Dr. DeSilva, of Amazon Origins, “foods high in Vitamin C provide help the body produce Collagen, which promotes the body’s natural healing process.”
– Foods with the highest Vitamin C levels? Camu Camu berries, Red/Green peppers, and Guavas.

2.       Visit the Eye Doctor According to Vision Council of America, “One in four American children has an uncorrected vision issue.. [and] more than 10 million children suffer from vision problems that may cause them to fail in school.” 
 With statistics like these, it’s important to visit an eye doctor, so that problems with you and your children’s vision can be detected in its early stages. Ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler also adds, “It’s important to correct these issues, such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, before they create more serious complications such as difficulty learning or the development of recurrent headaches.”

3.       Update Emergency and Medical contact Information

In the event of an emergency, finding necessary contact information could be the difference between a small problem and a huge disaster. Here is a free template.


4.        Retrain Your Sleep Cycle Make waking up early for school a little less dreadful by training your body to wake up at the time you’re supposed to. While you may still need the boost of an alarm clock, not taking naps throughout the day, avoiding nightlights, and even trying melatonin (consult with your doctor) can help you get, and stick to your school sleep schedule.

5.       Get Organized  Getting organized ahead of time can save you time, but it can also save you money and potential stressful situations. Anticipate things you will need ahead of time. Things like outfits, lunches, and school/office can all be prepared the night before you need them, leaving you with significantly less stress in the morning.

 Good luck!

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