Sherri Shepherd’s surrogate delivers amidst messy 3-way custody battles

Last year, we reported that The View  star comedian Sherri Shepherd and her then new hubby Lamar Sally were expecting a child via surrogate. 
Things got complicated when the couple, married 3 years, split as the baby was still being gestated. Meanwhile, Shepherd’s ex Jeff Tarpley with whom Shepherd had a son, 9-year old Jefferey, complicated things even further by filing  court papers seeking sole custody of the couple’s son and spousal support. Tarpley accused Shepherd of being an absentee mom due to her hectic schedule as a speaker, author, actress and TV personality. Shepherd countered accusing Tarpley of being an absentee dad too.
And amidst the battle of who should get custody of the baby who was being incubated by the surrogate, Shepherd reportedly declared she no longer was interested in parental rights. 
Well, the complicated situation just got even more real now that TMZ is reporting the surrogate delivered the couple’s baby on Tuesday, August 5. 
Surrogacy law is a relatively new area and getting more cases and more parents who are unable to conceive “naturally” are resorting to gestational surrogacy. 
The state where Shepherd and Sally married, New Jersey, doesn’t even recognize surrogacy agreements. 
Making the whole ordeal even more difficult even further is the fact that Sally is trying to get the prenup he signed with Shepherd invalidated. 
So much drama. Will think about all involved but especially the children trapped in this very tough situation. 

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