How to socialize with drinking friends while pregnant

Pregnant women may feel less of a desire to socialize with their friends at bars when alcohol is present. But there is a way to have a good time without a glass of wine in your hand.
Yahoo! Food editor Julia Bainbridge sat down with Lifestyle and Fashion blogger Pippa Lorde of Sous Style who is almost done with her Sober September challenge and has gone dry all month.. Lorde has   tips on how to socialize when everyone around you is drinking. 
Here are a couple of tidbits from the piece that can be relevant to you preggers moms out there:
What do you drink when you’re out with friends? 
I love having soda and bitters. You end up kind of rating the best bitters—I love Jerry Thomas Bitters from The Bitter Truth. I’ll also put a bit of orange in it. Then what I’ve found is really helpful is drinking peppermint tea with your dinner. There’s such a ritual around coffee and tea, so I feel like I’m having a ritualistic drink like those at my table drinking wine are.
So what about when you’re not drinking and everyone else is? Can conversation be more challenging? 
Making small talk is much more difficult. I naturally find people very interesting and I try and be very curious about them, but you have to work even harder. Alcohol can take the edge off just a little bit—you feel more relaxed—so when you don’t have that oil of alcohol, you have to work to find those interesting moments with people.
Interesting perspective, no?
For you veteran moms, how have you managed socializing around alcohol while preggers? For you new moms-to-be, what have been your greatest challenges? Are you avoiding friends? 

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