VIRAL: Dad turns preschooler into a superhero using movie magic (VIDEOS)

Okay this kid can really say, “My dad is cooler than your dad,” and be right.
James Hashimoto‘s dad, Daniel  is an after-effects artist at DreamWorks studios.   
In a series of 10 to 12 second short videos shared on YouTube  which have gone viral, Daniel Hashimoto shows his 3-year old goofing off in a toy store, at home, at the dinner table doing some pretty amazing stuff, thanks to the movie magic!
Dad says his pre-schooler’s active imagination directs some of the videos. James and mom Mandy Richardville, engages “in his imaginative time,” Daniel Hashimoto tells TODAY.
 “He lives in a very fantasy-based house,” he added sharing that although James doesn’t watch much television he does enjoy classic Disney films each week.
“That fuels his imagination for a full week or longer,” Hashimoto says. “His mom does a lot of imaginative, superhero play, running around house. Usually, when I get home, he has a fun, creative burst of whatever he’s playing during the day.”
Enjoy a few of the quick fun videos, all which have gotten over 1 million views each, below:

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