Why ‘Walmart Moms’ don’t care about politics

America is in the “crapper”, according to a woman who was part of a recent focus group to gauge how so-called “Walmart moms” are feeling in the run-up to the midterm elections.  
Held in Charlotte and in New Orleans on Monday, the focus groups revealed women who are fed-up, afraid (of Ebola more than the Islamic State) and detached. 
They are almost numb to the news because “too much is going on.” 
And, rather than follow it all like we political reporters do (and often think voters do too), these women have largely tuned out.
At least one mom prefers to watch “Doc McStuffins”  — she’s a Disney character who fixes broken toys in her playhouse clinic — with her kids. (Editor’s note: The Fix family loves some “Doc McStuffins”.)

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