3 Viral Videos that are Trending

Viral videos are great for putting a smile on your face, especially those you can relate to or use in y our life.  Here are three viral videos I’ve seen float across my computer screen plenty in the past week or so. Thought I’d share in case you missed them:

I think I’ve seen dozens of time this super adorable video of a wife surprising her husband with a pregnancy announcement inside the photo booth of the couple’s favorite local pizza shop. It’s a tearjerker, viewed over 11 million times already:

Another viral video is this cute one from “Story of This Anderson Life” on sneaking out on a sleeping baby! Too funny! It has over 1 million views:

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Finally, this  how to make home made ice cream with the kids video has also made its way around the net and back.

I finally tested it out with my brood this weekend and look at our masterpiece:
I learned how to “stage” for social media watching Top Chef! ha!
Our steps:

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