30 blogs with Toddler Play and Activities ideas

With their boundless energy and infinite curiosity, toddlers can be a challenge to keep entertained. The Internet and, more specifically, the blogosphere, however, has enabled parents and childcare providers to connect with one another on an unprecedented level, and hints, tips and ideas are easily passed between experienced caregivers. The following 30 blogs are chock full of valuable information and creative activity ideas for the toddler set, from indoor fun to keeping little ones safe while they play.
Indoor Play
Scorching summer heat, the chill of deep winter, and the frequent rains of spring all tend to keep kids indoors, much to the chagrin of budding nature lovers. These five blogs are all centered on activities that are specifically intended to provide hours of indoor fun when it simply isn’t feasible to move the party outside.
Outdoor Play
There’s something about the freedom of outdoor play that goes straight to a toddler’s head, sending most into paroxysms of joy. Toddlerhood is certainly not too early to instill a love of nature in kids; in fact, it may help them avoid the pitfalls of indoor-only, sedentary habits that are plaguing many of today’s young people. Slather on the sunscreen and head for the hills with the activities in these five blogs.
Learning Through Play
Because toddlers learn so much about the world around them and how it operates through explorative play, it’s important for parents and childcare providers to help them boost their brainpower in exciting and entertaining ways that will keep little ones engaged.
Play Date Activities
Keeping one active toddler entertained and occupied can be a challenge; introducing a friend or two can be downright arduous. Kids need to socialize just as much as their older counterparts, however, so parents and caregivers are forced to find new and interesting ways to keep a group of toddlers in line and having a great time.
Safe Toys and Play
The most important task that a parent or childcare provider is tasked with is simply keeping children safe and avoiding dangerous risks. There are, however, more hidden dangers that many adults realize. The following five blogs cover specific risks and general toddler safety to make sure that every adventure you have with your little one is a safe one.

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