One mom’s pregnant ‘Thriller’ goes viral (VIDEO)

At 40 weeks pregnant, Bonnie Northsea got news her husband had testicular cancer but as she processed that sad development, she had to also get the baby she was baking out into the real world. 
She took the advice someone gave her that dancing to Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller” video would induce labor. With her 3-year old son nearby, Northsea recorded her moves and shared it on her Facebook page. After receiving 55,000 shares on that, she moved it up to her YouTube page and 1 Million views and a few features on MTV, PEOPLE magazine and ABC news later, she’s a viral hit!
“This viral video has really helped by adding laughter to our family and bringing us closer together through these very difficult times,” she told PEOPLE. 
She is a great dancer! I hope baby makes an appearance soon and her husband beats the cancer.
Check out her moves: 

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