21 Parenting Hacks to make your Life easier

From Architecture Art Design:

If you want to be perfect parent for your kids, the objective “good parent” is not enough neighbors to call you by that name. Parenting is the most fulfilling, fun-filled, and most ridiculously difficult challenge you’ll ever face in your life. It takes a lot responsibilities that you must do every day.

For that reason we present you some inspirational and genius hacks to help you to be a really good parent. We know that this is not an easy job, but despite all the obligations and difficulties that you have, that you encounter to provide time for your children, be aware that being a parent is a big responsibility but in the same time it is fun and interesting.

Of the 21 hacks listed, my faves include the ball maker above and:
The mosquito, bug and insect protectant while outdoors gardening with baby and..
The baby food stain remover and…
The bubble blower and…
and the Home-made Deck floor game .

See how to create these and 16 more at Architecture Art Designs:

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