Kelly Clarkson helped a radio show host’s 2nd pregnancy announcement in song (VIDEO)

While promoting her latest single yesterday at New York’s KTU Morning ShowKelly Clarkson  helped co-host Carolina Bermudez announce her second pregnancy in song.

Clarkson, who just gave birth to her daughter River Rose last June, performed the “Heartbeat Song” with new lyrics written just for the big announcement. So sweet.

“Today’s a really special day and I asked Kelly if she could do the announcement,” Bermudez said as she turned the mic over to Clarkson after sharing the news.

 “Oh my gosh, I’m still hormonal, y’all!” the former  American Idol champ said after the song, “I’m so excited for you. I’m kind of jealous too cause I want another one already.”

See the entire thing below

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