30 Blog posts to help Parents Organize the Home Routine

Having a family routine is essential to an orderly home. I know this yet struggle to get myself and my brood in shape. It is an ongoing struggle but I am determined to get myself together that’s why I am very happy to have discovered this wonderfully curated list of 30 blogs offering practical advice that National Nannies put together and asked I share with my blog readers:

a Sleep Schedule
Whether you’re dealing

with newborns, teenagers or your own adult body, setting a schedule that allows

everyone to get enough sleep is imperative. When kids fight bedtime with every

ounce of their being and there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day for

you to get everything done as it is, establishing solid sleep routines can be

difficult. These five blogs are dedicated to setting sleep routines for every

member of your family, from the smallest to the largest.

Sleep Schedules and Training

Sleep and Routine

Your Sleep Schedule

a Chore Routine
When kids are responsible

for making sure that specific household tasks are completed on schedule,

they’re actively learning about responsibilities and deadlines in a manner that

will follow them into adulthood. For you, setting a dedicated schedule for when

and how to best complete your own household chores can help you free up a bit

of much-needed spare time in your jam-packed day. That’s where these five blogs

come in handy, offering chore routine advice across the board for every member

of the family.

Establishing a Rewarding Chore Routine…Printable Chart

Customizing the Chore Routine

Between the heavy loads

of homework that many schools give to even relatively young children to the

sheer number of hours that classes and extracurricular activities demand,

managing a school schedule and setting a routine for the completion of

school-related tasks can be one of the most important things you focus on. From

navigating back-to-school confusion to making sure that everything gets done

the right way and on time, these five bloggers are here to offer their advice.

Make Homework Routine

to New Routines
In order for your new

routine to be effective, you’ll have to make sure that your family sticks to

it. Adjusting to the demands and structure of a new schedule, however, can

require a bit of patience and dedication. These five blogs are centered on the

idea of adhering to new habits and not sacrificing your schedule out of

frustration, and are valuable sources of encouragement.

Sticking to Routines

Help Families See the Value in Routines and Rituals

Family Meals
The benefits of sharing

meals together as a family are numerous and well-publicized, and have been touted

as a method of curbing self-harming tendencies, reducing the risk of teenage

substance abuse, and boosting academic performance and resistance to peer

pressure. Finding a way to work sit-down dinners into your family’s jam-packed

schedule, however, can present quite a problem. These five blogs help you

figure out the best ways to work family meals into your collective schedule.

The Family Dinner Routine

Establishing a Dinner Routine

The Simple Comfort of Rhythm, Ritual and Routine

Your Family Routine to Suit Lifestyle Changes
Sticking to your routine

can help kids thrive, feeling more secure and understanding more about what to

expect from their daily lives. It’s still important, however, for parents to

understand the necessity of allowing flexibility. Rigid schedules that never

allow children to experience freedom or make spontaneous choices can actually

do more stifling harm than good. That’s where these five bloggers weigh in,

explaining the importance of flexibility in your family routine.

The Value of a Flexible Routine

Good luck whipping your home into shape!

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