Earth Day: Tweet #Flipp4Forests to Plant a Tree

Today is Earth Day and if you are looking for at least one simple way to contribute to the day dedicated to celebrate mother Earth Day, the app Flipp will plant a tree with every social media share using the hashtag, #Flipp4Forests. And it will also enter you to win a $300 VISA gift card along with the hashtag.
Good for Earth and your pocketbook potentially. 
Flipp is a  free iOS and Android app available in the U.S. and Canada that digitally aggregates over 400 retail circulars from national chains as well as hundreds of local stores to help consumers find the latest sales in their community. Digital means less trees and that too is good for the earth! And it looks like it would be a time-saver for busy parents! Sweet!
Check out this infographic about forests for more reasons on why planting trees is important!

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