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Between after-school activities like sports and social clubs, instructional classes outside of school, and the large number of two-household children due to a high divorce rate, today’s kids are on the go more than ever. Managing a youngster’s schedule can be more challenging than keeping track of the adults’ in the family!

Thankfully, technology has kept pace with kids’ rapidly expanding schedules, and there are iPhone apps in the App Store dedicated to making family management and kid scheduling simpler. These 10 apps might be just what you’re looking for if the kids in your life are always on the go.

  1. Cozi Family Organizer: Shared Calendar, Shopping Lists, To Do Lists – This powerful, free app has been named the number one iPhone app for moms by Circle of Moms, is the recipient of the 2012 Appy Award for Best Family/Parenting app, and has received the National Parenting Seal of Approval for four consecutive years. The app includes several scheduling options for today’s busy family, and users can receive notifications of upcoming events via email or text message, manage shopping and to-do lists, and keep a family journal right on their Apple mobile device.
  2. Kidganizer – Keeping track of schedules between parents living in separate households is a breeze with Kidganizer, which is designed with separated parents in mind. Available for $3.99 in the App store, this valuable application sends alerts when there are schedule changes and manages several aspects of the co-parenting experience. Because it cuts down on the need for direct phone calls or emails, this app can be a great resource for separated parents with particularly tense relationships.
  3. Easy Calendar – This general calendar app is, at $1.99, a great value because it allows you to simultaneously manage both the events and daily schedules of your children and your own personal and professional obligations. With a few taps you can create and manage your events and never worry about forgetting them again.
  4. CalenGoo – If you’re a fan of Google Calendar, this app will allow you to access and manage the events you’ve scheduled through Google via your iPhone, and also integrates Google Tasks. Keeping up with everywhere that your family needs to be is a snap with this intuitive, powerful app.
  5. TouchBase Calendar – TouchBase Calendar syncs with your native calendar to provide mapping and communication options, including the ability to send pre-programmed messages to your contacts with a single touch. The app also provides directions to your scheduled events, so you’ll never again have to worry about arriving to your kids’ games or school plays late because you had trouble finding a new location.
  6. Skedi ~ Family Calendar  – Featured on ABC News and in the Wall Street Journal, Skedi is one of the top-rated family calendar apps in the App Store. Work, home, and school events for every member of the family are available in one place and can sync from various platforms, meaning that every member can use their preferred calendar software without being lost in the shuffle. Parents can also invite childcare providers and extended family members to the calendar, making quick work of keeping everyone in the loop.
  7. Family Wall – A social networking-style app for families, Family Wall takes the best aspects of social media sites and collects them in one private, secure app. Manage check-ins, activities, and schedules, upload photos, and share contacts with the entire family through a single, dedicated app.
  8. First Then Visual Schedule  – Parents of special needs children know that their children need structure and routine to minimize anxiety and avoid stressful situations. With First Then Visual Schedule, you can record your own voice and add photos you’ve taken with your iPhone’s camera to provide visual and audio support for your special needs child. Every activity and event on the list can be reordered to suit a shifting schedule, and backed up with iCloud.
  9. HATCHEDit Shareable Calendar – Events, to-do lists, invitations, photos, and calendar updates can be shared by the whole family through HATCHEDit. The app allows kids to update their own schedules, and the changes are then automatically shared with the rest of the family. Cancellations due to inclement weather, new events, and other surprises can be easily managed with a few taps, thanks to this free app.
  10. Pocket Informant – Streamline your to-do lists, calendars, notes, and contacts with this one app, which eliminates the need to switch between several separate dedicated ones. Pocket Informant allows you to tag reminders, set notifications, and even send invitations to large events to selected people on your contacts list, all without leaving the app.

Reprinted with permission From our friends at LiveOutNanny.com

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