Before You Apply to Enroll Your Kid Into Any School, Check this ONE Insider Source I Just Discovered

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Parents, so, I just discovered an awesome new way to research a pre-school, day care, elementary school or high school that you are considering enrolling your child or children into, or applying to: Social media!

Yes, it sounds intuitive, but think about it, when you go in for a tour, you’re only going to see the premium and the perks the school has to offer. Everyone will be on their best behavior when visitors are in the building. Even during Shadow Days, kids are exposed to the ideal situation and usually have a fantastic time.

To be truly informed, you have to catch them off guard and since it is nearly impossible to get off-peak access when they are least expecting you, social media is the next best thing.

Here’s how I figured this out:

Recently, I shared an inspirational meme posted on Instagram and checked in to the public high school I was in at the time of my share. I was there at that high school to submit paperwork for someone I know.

Days later, while scrolling my own IG feed, I happened to click the location option on Instagram which takes you to all other IG shares at that site.  Much to my shock and surprise, I saw that the majority of the IG shares from that high school were of very brutal physical fights between students, taken and uploaded by students using their phones. In each of the shares, other students were gathered around in the hallways all filming the fights but no one doing anything to break them up. Often times, there was not even a school administrator or safety officer in sight!

Wow! It gave me a more insight into what goes on in that particular high school that I may not have known otherwise.

Since then, I’ve done the same with other area schools, both public, private and charter and am seeing the other side and making better decisions based on this insider knowledge.

There you go! Another benefit for social media: It’s your insider insider guide to schools.

Use the knowledge with care and do share with others! Good luck!

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