Brit Actress Responds her April Fool’s Day Joke Critics: Please Stop Blaming Me Because You Can’t Conceive

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An expecting British actress responded to all the heat she got when she pulled an April Fool’s Day prank telling her fans she was expecting triplets.

Maria Fowler, well known for starring in the serial drama TOWIE , thought it would be funny to get back on all the rumors that she and her BMX racer beau Kelvin Batey were expecting twins.

“Me and @KelvinBatey555 would like to announce that it’s not actually twins and we are preparing for a gang of 3!! #triplets,” she joked with her close to half a million Twitter followers.

Just like Gwen Stefani, who also used April 1 to hop on pregnancy rumors to trick people into thinking she and boyfriend Blake Shelton were expecting, Batey’s announcement too was met with harsh feedback.

“Wow what an awful April fool, all those that can’t even conceive one child,” one respondent quipped.

Another wrote: “As happy as I am for you, please think of those unable to conceive or lost during pregnancies.”

Batey has since shot back telling the critics to quit blaming her because other women cannot conceive.

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“I think if people get offended about pregnancy tweets because they can’t conceive. Maybe just unfollow me, I can’t help your situation,” Batey wrote. “I wish I could. We thought we wouldn’t be able to and it’s a horrible feeling. But please stop blaming me. I don’t mean to offend you.”

She also responded to fans who said that the brief time it took her to conceive was not long enough to be considered infertility.


Actress Maria Fowler is expecting with her pro BMXer beau Kelvin Batey

“You should be happy but to say you thought it wouldn’t happen when you wasn’t together long isn’t a struggle, years & years is,” one person tweeted.

To which Maria hit back: “You don’t know what was going on with my body so shouldn’t make judgments when I had tests about it.”

So, the lesson: lay off of jokes about pregnancy, or if you don’t care then carry on but be prepared for the backlash. Yikes!

I just saw her pregnancy announcement made on the day they celebrate Mother’s Day in the UK and I thought it was super cute:


“As it’s Mother’s Day, @KelvinBatey555 and I are pleased to announce a new addition is on its way later this year,” she captioned this social media share!  Adorbs!

h/t Reveal UK

photo: CelebContact

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