I’m Going to Defend Blake Lively from Her Haters Today…to a Certain Extent

la face

Oh my Gosh, Becky!! There is a ton of faux outrage on Twitter over Blake Lively captioning a split photo of her front and rear posing in a Cannes Film festival dress, “LA face with an Oakland beauty”.

And by “ton”, I mean a few people and the media picked up on those few and blew it up as if there is a firestorm of criticism. I’d say most of the people upset probably weren’t even old enough to remember when Sir Mix A Lot released, “Baby Got Back.” In any event, the song has become the virtual anthem of big booty glorification. It is now trending and cool to have a large derriere thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. (Ignore the fact for a moment that they were always celebrated and appreciated in the Black community)

It really is not that deep. And while I was scoping the over-inflated reports of non-existing shade, I noticed people bringing up the fact that the Gossip Girl alum got married to Ryan Reynolds on a plantation.

Big friggin deal! I vacation at a resort that was once a plantation. Guests come from all backgrounds, races and ethnicities. I mean what do people want to happen to all the land that were once cotton fields? Burn them and put up museums of shame? There are buildings currently erect in the south that once  had “For Colored” signs in them.  Are  we to never use them either because they once were part of a sordid history?

The only criticism I thought maybe was warranted was her response to allegations that Woody Allen abused his child. Lively responded to a joke that the master of ceremony, a French comedienne made about Allen. She said she disliked the joke and finds Allen “empowering to women.”

She was also asked to respond to a recent essay by Allen’s son with actress Mia Farrow, Ronan Farrow.  He basically again alleged that Allen abused his sister, and Allen’s daughter, Dylan when she was a child and called out Hollywood for ignoring it (For the record, Allen was cleared of abuse charges).

Lively, who stars in Allen’s latest project Cafe Society gave a cryptic response,

“I came home and went to bed at whatever time we finished,” the actress said. “I haven’t been in it, so I don’t want to speak on something I haven’t read. I think that’s dangerous.”

That response was… um meh.

But then again, he’s her boss (as in he is responsible for her paycheck from his film right now), even if he did marry the daughter his ex adopted when she was just 8-years old. errrr.

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