Highest Teen Pregnancy Rate State Begins Prevention ProgramTargeting College Freshmen

A new state law is hoping to combat the state’s unplanned pregnancy rate at the collegiate level. Arkansas ranks number one in unplanned teenage pregnancies.

The Department of Higher Education is focusing on college students because the highest percentage of unplanned pregnancies is actually amongst 18 and 19 year olds. The Department of Higher Education created a video of real Arkansans telling their stories of how they were impacted by unplanned pregnancy.

“I just thought I can do this. Nothing’s going to happen and I’m not going to get pregnant. I’m not going be that girl. I didn’t think we had any kind of risks,” a person in the video says.

“That’s a very realistic way to talk about what happens when kids come a long when you’re not expecting them,” said Ann Clemmer of the Dept. of Higher Education.

The push is to remind freshman they’re not immune to the risks that comes with being sexually active. A new state law requires all colleges in the state to implement unplanned pregnancy prevention through advising and student orientation.

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