Study: Women Who Do Housework Live Longer Than Those Who Don’t


Okay Okay, hold up, whose husband was responsible for the outcome of this study!?

A new research report revealed that women who did housework like laundry, vacuuming and cleaning live longer compared to those who don’t?

Here’s the kicker about the Dutch study: the same cannot be said of men who are not better off by doing more housework. Seee….

The University Medical Centre Rotterdam team found that a 55-year-old woman who doesn’t do that much housework will likely live to see her 83rd birthday – but if she was on top of the housework, she would live on to the age of 86.

Men only picked up an extra year of life if they cleaned up regularly around the house.

Hrmph! I demand a recount! LOL!

But…the results are flipped for outside work! Men who do gardening live 2.7 years longer, while working outside the home has little effect on women.

The difference “may partly be explained by the fact that men engaged in more gardening and women in domestic work,” Dr Klodian Dhana hypothesized.

The study of more than 7,000 men and women asked questions on lifestyle then followed them for decades.

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