The Queen Elsa + Jedi Rey combo Costume this 5yr Old’s Dad Made is Really Rad!

This May, 5-year old Stormie took a comic con by storm when she arrived in her cosplay (costume play) dressed as two of her fave powerful characters in one: Frozen’s Queen Elsa and Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Her blue Jedi Elsa Rey  went viral on Reddit when member Steven Lamb posted pics of his daughter in the costume she wore during a visit to Wizard World Comic Con in Des Moines, Iowa.

What was amazing was Lamb and his dad helped bring the costume to life.The inspiration came from his daughter’s dual love of two strong female characters.

“She took to Elsa because of the similar hair and eyes to Stormie’s own, and the ice powers,” Lamb told  Huffington Post. “With Rey it was more about seeing an empowered female character using the force and kicking bad guys’ butts.”

Lamb picked out the cotton gauze and crushed satin in a color similar to Elsa’s dress and stitched her bag by hand while his father made leather pieces for the costume. It was a team effort to assemble the costume which was made by member of a “Star Wars” cosplay group called the 501st Legion.

Total outlay was about  $150 on the materials, accessories, staff, boots and the blue lightsaber, of course.

The costume was a hit with other conference attendees and most certainly be again when Stormie revives it for Halloween.

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