This Might be THE Cutest Collection of Mom Tees Around

baby chick collection

When I spotted the super cute maternity tee shirts that Texas postpartum Douala Nina Spears sells on her blog, I fell in love. The love the super cute sayings printed on them like “Momday“, “I long naps and I cannot lie (take off of a lyric in Sir-Mix-Alot‘s “Baby Got Back“), “Shopping for Two and “My Kids are my Cardio.”


Spears sells the shirts on her The Baby Chick blog that she runs with a small team of other mom bloggers while also managing her Douala agency, the Bassett Baby Planing. 

I love them because they are relatable. I mean, my life is coffee, top knots, yoga pants, chocolate and wine, and in no particular order! lol!


They just speak to my soul and I imagine would be a conversation starter in person or among your social media or Instagram friends who will be asking you were you got yours from! Send them to us and tell them to get it from The Baby Chick shop!



The other interesting thing about this inventive entrepreneur is that she does so much to help educate, inspire, and uplift mothers hundreds of moms via her baby planning, doula, massage therapy, childbirth education, infant massage instruction, prenatal fitness services…but she isn’t a mom yet herself!


The University of Texas grad and her husband Brian, her co-founder, only got married last July 2015 yet are parents to two fur babies, Lola + Aria (one is a Pomeranian and an Alaskan Klee Kai).


I’m excited to partner up with The Baby Chick and help spread awareness of its awesome services for moms-to-be and Nina and Team’s very innovative line of fun maternity tees!


Pick up one for yourself or a friend who is expecting. They’ll make great novelty gifts, Christmas or Holiday gifts for a mom to be. Prices start at a modest $24!!





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