Twins of Two Different Races Turn One


Early this year, a set of twins of two different races made loads of news. And now they’re about to turn one tomorrow, April 23.

Whitney Meyer, who is Caucasian, and her husband, Thomas Dean, who is black, welcomed daughters  Kalani and Jarani.

The twins are dizygotic, which is just the scientific term for fraternal twins.

Each girl started out as a separate fertilized egg (monozygotic, or identical twins, start off from the same egg and then divide).

The twins inherited different sets of genes from their mother and from their father.

Kalani has light skin and blue eyes, like her mom, while Jarani has darker skin and brown eyes, like her dad

Fraternal twins inherit a different combination of genes from mom and dad, so when the parents are of different races, it is possible the inherited genes for skin color can differ.

“At first when they were born, I wanted to believe it but it’s so rare I didn’t think it’d happen to my twins!” Meyer told CNN affiliate KHQA. “But sure enough they’re biracial twins!”

Since their birth last April, the girls have been some what of Internet famous because their parents post photos on their social accounts and let’s face it, they have to be quite interesting to keep tracking.

Amazing! Happy Birthday!



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