Preggophiles On Craigslist are Soliciting Pregnant Women to ‘Worship’


Preggophiles are on the loose online and in social media, stealing photos of pregnant women, trying to convince them to submit their photos to pregnancy adoration blogs and social accounts in hopes of getting a ‘shout out’ and doing a few other outlandish things to get their rocks off using their sexual fetish with the pregnant form.

In the past, I’ve had a few curators of websites and other havens for men who have sexual fantasies and obsession with pregnant women offer to do post exchanges and form a partnership. Um, no thanks.

The offers and solicitations to partner have since dried up and a lot have  retreated and gone back underground but I’m certain they are still plenty of them around.

They’re even in Craigslist soliciting. This one on the German version of the popular ad site caught my eye:

When you’re pregnant you elude tons of sexual energy, you become so much more attractive. I simply have the desire to worship you, in whatever form you prefer. I could look at you and tell you how beautiful your body has become, I could gently touch your belly, touch your breasts or it could even lead to much more. You define the borders and tell me what you like. I’m a pretty and discreet man in his mid thirties with the necessary gentle touch and experience. I want to worship you!


All together now…. “ewwwww!” I mean, unless you’re into that sort of stuff and want this sort of attention and affection then all the power to ya! But if you are not, you should not share your belly progression photos with any one who requests it and definitely from a site or account that you may suspect may not be legit.

Be careful out there, moms-to-be.

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