Corner Office Chic: The Preginista Edition


Just because you’re expecting doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style. Fortunately for the modern mom-to-be, there are many maternity lines and designers that have updated their offerings to accommodate the woman who is the HBIC and just happens to be carrying a tiny human in her tummy.

Also, a lot of traditional designers are expanding their offerings to include maternity stylings. Whether you’re a recent grad about to enter the job market, or a seasoned professional in need of a refresh, there are certain pieces that you can always count on for timeless 9-to-5 polish.

Be the boss while pregnant.

The five must have pieces include: 1) a pair of straight leg trousers in grey, black, white, creme or navy. 2) Also, a powerful structured bag will announce you before you enter the room. 3) All eyes will also naturally flow to  your pumps. A pair of classic Mary Janes in a comfortable heel, but polished with solid hardware is all you need to keep the standard high. 4) To stay true to your feminine side, invest in quality blouses and white crisp shirts. 5) Finally, arm your wardrobe with at least one or two LBD (Little Black Dresses).

These must-have pieces will keep you feeling empowered and prepared to conquer each day. Check out our curated selection from our friends at ShopStyle below for inspiration:

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