Shay Mitchell’s Labor and Delivery Video Is The Realest

Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell gave birth to her first child recently and filmed her entire birth story for her YouTube pregnancy journey channel.

From the point her water broke at home, to the frantic ride to the hospital, to the administering of Pictocin to hurry along the stages of labor to a fight with her Canadian actor boyfriend Matte Babel over when to insert a pain relieving epidural in the base of her spine, it was all captured and displayed in a well edited captivating video posted on Monday, October 21.

Her Doula is the Bomb, by the way.

By the end of the 33 hour journey, Mitchell welcomed a healthy baby girl and the captivating content did not stop there.

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Never letting go…

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While spending two days postpartum in the hospital, Mitchell took questions and answered them via Instagram story. Wowza! We think that may be a new social media record for most engaging celebrity birthing experience.

You can watch the 11-minute video here:



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